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Empire Steak House Roppongi
Steakhouse | Roppongi
French | Nishi Azabu
ロウリーズ・ザ・プライムリブ 赤坂店
Prime Rib | Akasaka / Tameikesanno
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Empire Steak House RoppongiEmpire Steak House Roppongi
89 reviews
Steakhouse | Roppongi, Central Tokyo

娘の誕生会を行いました。給仕の方に、前回は、量が多かったので、アドバイスいただき適量にしていただきました。給仕の方も前回と同じ方で、前回のオーダーを参考にしていただきました。それでも、多かった感じです。お肉は、3種類 楽しめて、柔らかい肉汁の出るもの、香ばしく咬み甲斐のあるもの等、和牛とは、違った味に納得しています。 誕生日ケーキは、前回から、ワングレードあげたのですが、ボリューミーでした。 また、イベントがありましたら、伺わせていただきます。 More

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BLT Steak RoppongiBLT Steak Roppongi
332 reviews
Steak | Roppongi, Central Tokyo

雰囲気が最高だった。 また、六本木という場所柄多少の喧騒を懸念していたがそのようなことも全くなく最高の時間を過ごすことが出来た。 料理もうまく、接客も申し分ない。 More

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55 reviews
French | Gaien / Aoyama 1-chome, Central Tokyo

ここのお料理は本当にすばらしいです。一皿一皿丁寧に作られていて、目で見ても癒されます。デザートも素晴らしく、グルメ女子には最高です! ただ一年前にランチで行った時とほぼ同じメニューのコース料理だったので、もう少し新しいお料理を期待してました。次回は新しい発見が出来ると嬉しいです。 More

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5 reviews
Yakitori | Nishi Azabu, Central Tokyo

Pre 1st wedding anniversary. super friendly staff, and English friendly for us people that are Japanese challenged..... house made special drinks are a treat!!! Food is amazing, great way to start a trip in Japan 👍👍🥃🍷🍹🍸🍻🍺🐓🍗🍖🥙🥗. Ambient is very very inviting and relaxing, staff paid attention n your course of meal. Felt like the attention to detail is what Japan is famous for. The only down side was it was bit on the $$$$ side two person come out to $98 USD More

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BLT Steak GinzaBLT Steak Ginza
324 reviews
Steak | Ginza, Central Tokyo

連れの誕生日祝いに行きました。 食事はどれも美味しく、満足でした。 雰囲気も良く楽しい時間を過ごせました。大人の雰囲気の食事が出来ました。 ステーキの肉か、表面はカリッとしていて、中は柔らかい感じに焼いてありました。 パンも中は空洞になってますが、1人一つは、私達でも余りました、焼き具合は良かったです。 また、伺いたい店でした。 More

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Crown - Palace Hotel Tokyo1. Crown - Palace Hotel Tokyo
108 reviews
French | Marunouchi / Otemachi, Central Tokyo

臨機応変に、対応いただき、助かりました。食事もいつもながら、非常に美味しかったです。 More

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La Rochelle Sanno2. La Rochelle Sanno
94 reviews
French | Akasakamitsuke / Nagatacho, Central Tokyo

全て美味しかったです。 ペアリングワインもお料理とのバランスが良かったです。 でも、量が多過ぎてメインの時に食べられなくて 残念でした。 女性用に少し量が少ないコースもあればいいなと思いました。 次はランチで行きたいと思っています。 More

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Shinsen Kappo Sanoya3. Shinsen Kappo Sanoya
41 reviews
Kappou | Shibuya, Central Tokyo

Nice surprise. Good atmosphere More

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64 reviews
American | Daikanyama, Central Tokyo

Really enjoyed our night out here. It was my girlfriends birthday so I wanted to take her someplace special. The food really lived up to my expectations, however, I feel like we were rushed throughout the meal. The waiter seemed to have us come in, eat and then leave as quickly as possible. I also mentioned in the reservation that it was a birthday but the staff did nothing special, it was like every other day so that was disappointing. Overall I really liked it because of its cool location and great food, I would, however, want the staff to be more warm and welcoming. They could do a lot more for their customers than what they did. More

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30 reviews
American | Ebisu, Central Tokyo

ワインが先に選ばれ、それに合うお料理を創っておられるとのこと。ワインの香りとお料理の香り、どちらも、鼻腔の奥の奥のほうで感じて愉しむ感覚でした。この場所でこういうワインが作られているんだ、だったり、この食材をこうやって調理することができるんだ、など、知らないことばかりで、それもとても楽しかったです。 More

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Bistro | Hibiya / Yurakucho, Central Tokyo

With Tokyo to be the third store in the world and following the footstep of New York and Paris, please visit and savor the impeccable culinary of Buvette. About Buvette The “Gastrotheque,” a place where it has been the spot to walk in at any time of the day and to relish the laid-back atmosphere. It established in West Village, New York in 2011 by chef-owner Jody Williams. With having fans all over the world, the renowned neighborhood eatery, Buvette, opened its second store at Paris on 2013. The restaurant offers you comforting yet elegant French menu in a nostalgic ambience. As a result, Jody Williams is now acclaimed as one of the successful female chef-owner.More

Creative Japanese | Shibuya, Central Tokyo

Coming Soon!More

ThaiCafe and Dining Green TerraceThaiCafe and Dining Green Terrace
Thai | Komazawa / Sakura Shinmachi, Tokyo 23 Ward

This is a place where you can feel the seasons of Komazawa Park and people's smile. Our restaurant is located in a place in the city where you see an abundant greenery and feel a stream of people continues endlessly. In 2009, we opened Thai government certified restaurant Tun Ten in Nishi-Waseda, and then renewed it as a Green Terrace in Komazawa in the fall of 2018.
Our motto is to welcome guests who visit our restaurant to spend a relaxing time.
You can casually enjoy the authentic Thai cuisine created by our chefs from Thailand. The terrace seats section facing Komazawa Park is ideal for dating. Pets are allowed for the terrace seats.
We are glad to have you for your various occasions from dining together with your friends to anniversary with your important person.
Takeout is also available, so that you can enjoy the authentic Thai cuisine of Green Terrace in the party at your company, or at your home. More

Toriya KokorobitoToriya Kokorobito
Yakitori | Akasaka / Tameikesanno, Central Tokyo

We do our best to serve best chicken dishes. We don't use machine to cut chicken but knife and hand, which is the best way to take chicken's "Umami". Please enjoy our Chicken dishes and Yakitori, pairing with Sake and Japanese Wine.More

Yakiniku Toraji TamachiYakiniku Toraji Tamachi
Yakiniku | Tamachi / Mita, Central Tokyo

Important Note/重要說明
※Even if the online reservation is full, you may be able to prepare your seat if you can call us.即使在線預訂已滿,如果您可以通過電話與我們聯繫,您也可以準備好座位.
★How to The TORAJI barbecue style.Please check it !http://www.ebisu-toraji.com/en/howto/
Grand Opening in Nov.2018!
It will open in the new commercial facility "msb Tamachi Tamachi Station Tower S" one minute walk from JR Tamachi Station Shibaura Exit (East Exit). Please enjoy yakiniku of Toraji's special selection and cuisine in the art space where the metal panel such as gold and silver floats. All rooms are private rooms with private and half-room, and you can use it for business scenes such as entertainment and dinner from ordinary meals.More