Here are the New York Times’s 50 favorite 2022 restaurants

LA's Here's Looking At You is among the NYT's 50 favorite restaurants in 2022. Photo credit: Jenn Emerling

Following the inaugural list in 2021, The New York Times is back with the 2022 edition of its coveted Restaurant List, featuring 50 establishments across the country. The list spotlights the Times‘s editors and reporters’ favorites, including both new restaurants like Portland’s buzzy, Gregory Gourdet-led spot Kann and institutions such as New Orleans icon Brennan’s.

The newspaper’s picks were geographically wide-ranging, too, from Washington state’s Matia to Puerto Rico’s BACOA Finca + Fogón. Other notable highlights on the list include beloved Los Angeles restaurant Here’s Looking At You, James Beard Award-nominated chef Greg Collier’s Charlotte spot Leah & Louise, and Midtown Tucson neighborhood bistro Tito & Pep. Read on for the full list of favorites.

Brennan’s, New Orleans, LA
Canje, Austin, TX
Here’s Looking At You, Los Angeles, CA
Leah & Louise, Charlotte, NC
Mamey Miami, Coral Gables, FL
Tito & Pep, Tucson, AZ
Abaća, San Francisco, CA
Anajak Thai, Los Angeles, CA
Andiario, West Chester, PA
Audrey, Nashville, TN
Bacanora, Phoenix, AZ
Bacoa Finca + Fogón, Juncos, PR
Bonnie’s, New York City, NY
Cafe Mutton, Hudson, NY
Chicken’s Kitchen, Gretna, LA
Daru, Washington, D.C.
Dear Annie, Cambridge, MA
Dear Margaret, Chicago, IL
Elvie’s, Jackson, MS
Evette’s, Chicago, IL
Freya, Detroit, MI
Gabriella’s Vietnam, Philadelphia, PA
The Harvey House, Madison, WI
Kabob Grill N’ Go, Phoenix, AZ
Kann, Portland, OR
Kato, Los Angeles, CA
Kitty’s Cafe, Kansas City, MO
Leeward, Portland, ME
Little Mad, New York City, NY
Little Saint, Healdsburg, CA
Locust, Nashville, TN
Lucian Books and Wine, Atlanta, GA
Lutèce, Washington, DC
Ma Der Lao Kitchen, Oklahoma City, OK
MÄS, Ashland, OR
Matia, Eastsound, WA
The Musket Room, New York City, NY
Neptune Oyster, Boston, MA
Off Alley, Seattle, WA
Petite León, Minneapolis, MN
San Ho Won, San Francisco, CA
Semma, New York City, NY
Sister, Dallas, TX
Smoke’N Ash B.B.Q., Arlington, TX
Thaily’s, Chandler, AZ
Twelve, Portland, ME.
Yeyo’s, Bentonville, AR
Zaab Zaab, New York City, NY
Zitz Sum, Coral Gables, FL