The restaurants that make our cities great

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Food helps define a city’s character—Austin with its breakfast tacos, Chicago with its deep dish pizza, and Miami with its Cubanos. A city wouldn’t be what it is without restaurants bringing people together and adding flavor, diversity, and community to the mix.

Some restaurants are so closely woven into the fabric of a city they become part of its heartbeat, making it almost impossible to imagine the place without them. (What’s a New York without Grand Central Oyster Bar, or a San Francisco without Zuni Cafe?) These restaurants take many forms, from award-winning destination dining rooms to low-key joints that have been comforting havens for generations of locals.

These restaurants are The Greats, the spots that define our cities from New York to Chicago to Los Angeles, and everywhere in between, capturing their past and present while also imagining their future. Preserving these landmark restaurants is essential to ensuring that our cities keep the culture and character that makes them unique.

And we’re eager to celebrate them with guides to the Greats in 17 cities across the United States. The Greats series toasts the restaurants that get us through—and we can’t wait to return the love. 

So get ready to dine out, order in, and connect with greatness. These are the restaurants that make our cities shine.










Los Angeles



New Orleans

New York City


San Francisco

Washington, D.C.

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