Esquire names its best new restaurants in America for 2022

Yangban Society serves up a host of vegetarian banchan. Photo credit: Yangban Society/Dylan+Jeni

Esquire recently revealed its best new restaurant list, the popular annual celebration of new establishments across the country that’s now in its 40th year. A common theme that emerged among this year entries is the chefs’ and restaurateurs’ dedication to their own heritage and surroundings, as seen through the lens of food.

In Los Angeles, chefs and owners Katianna and John Hong have created a one-of-a-kind Korean-Jewish restaurant, Yangban Society, that’s reflective of the couple’s Korean ancestry and Jewish upbringing. At Canje, in Austin, chef Tavel Bristol-Joseph is spotlighting the dishes of his native Guyana and food from other parts of the Caribbean. And in New York, chef Markus Glocker is recreating his childhood in Austria with stunning Viennese fare at Koloman.

Esquire’s list hits many of the themes that have emerged from the crop of other best new restaurant lists published this year, including restaurants that don’t categorize themselves by any particular cuisine and American diners’ growing hunger for even more diverse foods.

Here are Esquire’s 40 best new restaurants in 2022:

Kann, Portland, OR

Yangban Society, Los Angeles, CA

Neng Jr.’s, Asheville, NC

Canje, Austin, TX

Le Rock, New York, NY

n/soto, Los Angeles, CA

Kasama, Chicago, IL

Ori Menashe and Genevieve Gergis, the chefs and co-owners of Saffy’s in Los Angeles. Photo credit: Saffy’s.

Saffy’s, Los Angeles, CA

June + Audrey, Nashville, TN

San Ho Won, San Francisco, CA

Semma, New York, NY

Seabird, Bainbridge Island, WA

Fishmonger, Atlanta, GA

Baobab Fare, Detroit, MI

Supperland, Charlotte, NC

Comedor Lilia, Portland, OR

Valentine, Phoenix, AZ

Cafe Spaghetti, New York, NY

Tatemó, Houston, TX

nudibranch, New York, NY

Salmon en croute with pickled cucumber, sunchoke, and beetroot-beurre rouge at Koloman. | Credit: Koloman

Koloman, New York, NY

Bar Le Côte, Los Olivos, CA

Mother Wolf, Los Angeles, CA

Le Fantastique, San Francisco, CA

Birdie’s, Austin, TX

ōkta, McMinnville, OR

Callie, San Diego, CA

Bonnie’s, Brooklyn, NY

Her Place, Philadelphia, PA

Tomo, Seattle, WA

La Royal, Cambridge, MA

Animo, Sonoma, CA

Twelve, Portland, ME

Shuggie’s, San Francisco, CA

Cafe Mutton, Hudson, NY

Indienne, Chicago, IL

Kru, Brooklyn, NY

Sweet Amalia’s, Newfield, NJ

Bar Spero, Washington, D.C.

Roxanne, Philadelphia, PA

Tanay Warerkar is a content marketing manager at OpenTable.