You Can Now Choose Your Seat at a Restaurant on OpenTable

Whether you’re looking for some quiet time on the terrace, want to mingle with others at the bar, or need to stay downstairs for accessibility reasons, you can now make that happen. OpenTable’s new dining areas feature allows diners to choose the area and type of seating that best fits the needs of their group when making a reservation at one of OpenTable’s restaurants.

In the last year, the most popular searches on OpenTable show that diners are increasingly looking for specific seating areas, with queries for rooftop and outdoor seating on the rise.* Dining areas answer this need by letting you truly tailor the dining experience that you want in a restaurant, such as in the action in the dining room or the bar, outside with privacy in a cabana or igloo, watching the scene go by from a sidewalk or parklet.

How it works

Discover the various dining areas a restaurant offers on its profile page starting November 1. When you’re ready to make a reservation at a restaurant that offers dining areas, click on the available dining area and seating option and book from there. To be reminded of which dining area you booked when making your reservation, you can visit your reservation confirmation page. You can always modify your existing selection by clicking “manage reservation” from the reservation confirmation page and tapping on a time slot. There, you’re able to select the table type and dining area you’d like to change to from the list of options available at the restaurant.

Dining Areas is just the latest feature on OpenTable that lets diners seamlessly manage their dining experience. Now you can directly message restaurants with questions, discover each restaurant’s safety precautions, view the menu and check, and much more — all in the OpenTable app.

*Based on the most popular search terms in the United States on OpenTable from October 2020 to September 2021.

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