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Sheehan's Irish Pub and Restaurant1. Sheehan's Irish Pub and Restaurant1.16 mi
(123 reviews)
American | Augusta,

"Last week my wife and I were back at Sheehan's for the third week in a row--- it's becoming a habit, but for good reason. We dine out 4-5 nights per week, a couple of fine dining ones and a couple of casual ones. Might rightly call us foodies. We are pretty selective and discriminating in our tastes, and we remain so when we are traveling. Decided that Sheehan's is now easily our favorite spot in Augusta. Maybe 4 or 5 other places we like that are close, but Sheehan's does EVERYTHING right every time--- biggest part of that is the BEST FOOD. And Sheehan's serves the meals HOT and within 15-20 minutes, perfectly presented, and consistently does so. Flavors are superb, textures right, everything well executed.... and sides are creative and perfectly matched. For comparison, there's an over-hyped restaurant "somewhere downtown", and after having been there 5 or 6 times now, I remain underwhelmed. I keep trying, really, but to no avail. I don't like waiting 75 minutes for my food, or hearing long pretentious diatribes regarding "specials".....(hey, Tilefish may stay one of your specials for two MORE years as it has been, but it's NOT special unless you do something special with it---and it's boring at best!!!!). Everything falls flat when the food and timely service don't measure up. In their wildest dreams they don't have anything that comes close to Sheehan's food, like Sheehan's Swordfish, or like the Shrimp over Grits Cake, just to name two. Both amazing meals, and there are more. And they're great every time, and "on time". Sheehan's, simply put, hits on all points, and they are not pretentious! Great mid-level wines, too, which is what we usually do. Special events we prefer to do better. And the superior service is a constant. In Augusta, another great place off Davis Rd, 3 great ones in Surrey, another off mid-Central Ave., so I'm sticking with those on rotating basis when the mood strikes, but it'll be Sheehan's at the TOP. Great job!"See more

Abel Brown2. Abel Brown1.71 mi
(1130 reviews)
Southern | Augusta,

"We always enjoy visiting Abel Browns for dinner. The food is wonderful and staff makes you feel very welcome. Thank you."See more

Becks3. Becks1.96 mi
(344 reviews)
American | Augusta,

"Great service. Good food. The grouper was very tasty."See more

P.F. Chang's - Augusta4. P.F. Chang's - Augusta2.01 mi
(41 reviews)
Asian | Augusta,

"The last visit left me a little skeptical about trying again but I am happy I did. The good was delicious and customer service excellent!"See more

P.I. Bar and Grill5. P.I. Bar and Grill2.2 mi
(121 reviews)
Contemporary Southern | Augusta,

"Brilliant spot! The food was excellent and the service was amazing!"See more

Southbound Smokehouse - Augusta6. Southbound Smokehouse - Augusta2.45 mi
(10 reviews)
Southern | Augusta,

"Met a group of friends there for a celebration. I made the reservations for outside thinking it was for inside. When we arrived the hostess accommodated us by placing is inside in there private area. (We didn't even know they had a area where they host parties). We had a great time. The waitress was awesome and the food was great as usual."See more

Red Lobster - Augusta - Washington Rd.7. Red Lobster - Augusta - Washington Rd.3.35 mi
(3 reviews)
Seafood | Augusta,

"Excellent service and great food"See more

Edgar's Grille - Augusta8. Edgar's Grille - Augusta3.64 mi
(1226 reviews)
Contemporary American | Augusta,

"Food is consistently excellent here. A little loud but that’s partly due to the live music which is great and totally worth the added noise."See more

Brickyard Diner9. Brickyard Diner4 mi
(1 review)
Breakfast | Augusta,
Manuel's Bread Cafe10. Manuel's Bread Cafe4.04 mi
(973 reviews)
French | North Augusta,

"Amazing breakfast buffet on Saturday morning. Food was amazing and so was the service!"See more