The Brasserie Restaurant & Bar

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Inspired by the bounty of Sonoma County we provide our guests with classic country cuisine with a European twist. Chef Chris Ciero embracing the “farm-to-table” mentality by incorporates the freshest and finest local products. Join us in celebrating our passion for Sonoma County's agricultural heritage.
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San Francisco
6 reviews
Dined on December 25, 2016

I took my 89 year old mother out for Christmas dinner at The Brasserie. How far the Hyatt has fallen! The staff apparently thought they were at a party & they bantered loudly back & forth with one another, completely oblivious to the diners. The kitchen is open & the chefs were loudly talking about football with one another & the wait staff. No one seemed to have any awareness of the dinner guests or how they might be experiencing the behavior of the staff.

There were no holiday decorations & the room was very depressing. Rather than any holiday music or appropriate dinner fare, they had "lite" rock and roll playing a bit too loud. Their only concession to Christmas was red & green napkins.

The service was horrible! I ordered a glass of wine and took almost 20 minutes for the waitress to finally bring it. They put down an appetizer but never told us what it was. It turned out to be dry pork on a stale crouton with other things that we could not identify, either visually because they were so wilted, or by taste as there was none.

One of the early dishes was a lobster bisque, which was served with a teaspoon instead of a soup spoon, making it difficult to eat without spilling. It tasted like "industrial soup" -- something that is made in an industrial kitchen somewhere else and trucked in.

The entree we chose was prime rib. However, they must have run out of cooked meat sometime before we arrived, so they served us slabs that were somewhat cooked on the edge, but most of the meat was so raw it was inedible.

They served dessert while the dinner dishes were still on the table. We had asked to take the meat home (so we could cook it) & they responded by dropping plastic containers on the table so we could pack it ourselves.

I didn't realize the Hyatt had fallen so far! What an absolutely horrible dinner & even worse service. It was so bad, it was funny. I recommend you stay as far away from this restaurant (& this hotel chain) as possible. Caveat emptor!

San Francisco
1 review
Dined on December 15, 2016

This restaurant used to be wonderful. The menu was very disappointing; it did not resemble the one online what-so-ever. The service was fairly slow even though there were very few customers. The server was very nice and professional.

San Francisco
68 reviews
Dined on November 26, 2016

We tried the ahi, the baby kale salad, and the hummus. The ahi was best.

San Francisco
41 reviews
Dined on November 1, 2016

I went here for my birthday. It was a week night and the bar was very filled due to people watching the world series. The restaurant was basically empty. I had a nice salad and salmon. Apparently the menu had been changed so they asked for some feedback, I did tell them that the serving of quinoa was too large. Hard to finish the whole serving. My husband had the cioppino and thinks maybe the fish was a little old. But he did not say anything.
I think it is a good place, maybe just not that fancy for a special celebration

Los Angeles
1 review
Dined on August 3, 2016

The menu had a lot of good choices. The food was wonderful. The ambiance was lovely. Our waiter was nice, helpful, attentive, one thing, it took an a great deal of time for the bus staff to remove our appetizer plates and dinner plates.
I would come back anytime. It's a little pricey but worth it.

vipOpenTable Diner
San Francisco
23 reviews
Dined on June 30, 2016

This is the only review I've ever done that was critical. It's the third time I've gone. Each time hoping it was an off day. When you get handed menus that are stained and sticky. more times then not its a place to be avoided. Silverware not clean, cocktail glass had dried mint on lip and the plate with the tasteless chic piccata on it didn't look clean. The pizza was undercooked dough. Will not be going back.

San Francisco
4 reviews
Dined on June 5, 2016

First of all their menu online is not what they currently are serving. The waiter says they changed the menu 2 years ago when they got their new chef. She also noted that the new chef is now gone, so expect a new menu soon.

My biggest issue was the Sea Bass special we ordered. It was NOT Sea Bass and we sent it back. On the way out they were changing the chalk board from Sea Bass to White Sea Bass which is a completely different fish with a consistency more like a Tuna then Sea Bass.

I would not recommend this place to anyone.

OpenTable Diner
San Francisco
3 reviews
Dined on March 31, 2016

Excellent Bites...Get a couple and make a meal...Pluses to the calamari and fried pickles...

San Francisco
10 reviews
Dined on March 22, 2016

Denny's is better. Not not by much. How can Hyatt allow its name to be associated with such a dining disaster? Doesn't Hyatt want more for its brand than this?

San Francisco
1 review
Dined on March 12, 2016

During Restaurant Week we ordered two $29 meals. One dish was inedible with mostly fatty meat and not as advertised. The other was rather tasteless. The service was not attentive. From the moment we walked in the door, the young girls were not experienced enough to provide even minimal service to a house that was not full. We had a long wait between drinks and each course. We noticed at another table they had to flag down the girls on more than one occasion - a spoon for the soup, fries ordered at beginning of the meal...and ketchup! With one drink each, our bill including 15% tip was $100. We will not go back and if asked, will not recommend this restaurant. If you want a noisy bar scene, be my guest!

San Francisco
6 reviews
Dined on March 10, 2016

I think $25 corkage fee (had 2 bottles so $50) is too pricey.

29 reviews
Dined on February 14, 2016

My wife and I happened to be staying at the adjacent Hyatt Vineyard Creek Inn over the weekend which included Valentine's Day. We were on a California wine country trip of a week's duration, and were enjoying many fine meals in local restaurants. We had decided to stay in that evening (Feb. 14) and eat at the Brasserie. It turns out that they only offered a single prix fixe menu that evening for $60. We should have known better than to take them up on it. There were to be three courses with three choices of starter and main. We also ordered a bottle of a local Cabernet to accompany the meal because we both ordered the beef filet main. The bottle was brought to the table already opened. It was fine, albeit, rather warm, necessitating a request for an ice bucket to cool it down. Our server had some difficulty with that concept.

We had two different starters. Each was small and simple. The beef fillet could not be cooked to order. One of us likes medium rare and the other medium well, so neither were happy. It was an OK dish, but not comparable to what we expect to find (and were enjoying) in other restaurants in the region. The dessert was the best part of the meal. The total bill before tip approached $200.

We would have been happy with the normal menu and given them a nice review on it. Why did they do something which they were clearly unable to execute? It was a $60 meal in price only.

San Francisco
2 reviews
Dined on February 14, 2016

The service is very good, the ambiance is very nice and classy . The food was very tasty, however, I thought for $15.00 for breakfast entree, I thought the servings were a little skimpy . Another scoop of Breakfast potatoes would have taken care of it, but it seems like all they give you with the Omelette is one scoop of Potatoes. I will keep going to my regular breakfast place where the same meal is $7.95 , with more food on the plate.

vipOpenTable Diner
San Francisco
10 reviews
Dined on February 13, 2016

It's a typical cheap cafe. We went because it said French cuisine on the web and had some interesting menu items, but when we got there we were told the menu had changed and it was more southwestern, but they hadn't updated their web page,sooo sorry. With a little effort it could have been good, but as it is, it's like Carrows without the menu variety. Service was attentive, though.

26 reviews
Dined on January 11, 2016

Dined on a recent week night and we were disappointed. First selection was not available.
Slow bar service despite very few diners. Beet salad was a winner. Went with a pizza which menu indicates several cheese choices but not available. Waitress was very apologetic and deleted salad from the bill.
Expected better from Hyatt.

San Francisco
1 review
Dined on December 25, 2015

I am glad The Brasserie is on Open Table. It made it possible to find an open restaurant on Christmas Day.
The lamb was delicious. We really liked that we could hear each other talk!

San Francisco
38 reviews
Dined on December 15, 2015

My husband chose the Brasserie for his birthday dinner out because he really enjoyed it in the past. There were VERY few people dining so it seemed less than festive, especially during the holidays. We both ordered shrimp cocktail starters which were quite good! But before we really had a chance to eat them, the entrees arrived. So we had to rush to finish before the main course cooled off. My "Mary's Crispy Chicken" was a ridiculously small portion and came with mashed potatoes instead of the grilled wild mushroom polenta, as described on the menu. My husband was happy with his fish, but overall, the experience missed the mark.

San Francisco
6 reviews
Dined on November 30, 2015

We had a group of nine ladies and we were all pleased with our lunch and service! I liked that we were each given our individual bill and there was no need to divide the bill and try to collect and hope we each paid a reasonable tip!

OpenTable Diner
10 reviews
Dined on November 7, 2015

The service was very good and the items on the menu were varied and something or everyone. They were willing to make substitutions with no problem

Orange County
613 reviews
Dined on September 14, 2015

Great location, super bar and restaurant. A hidden gem in Santa Rosa.
Open n clean kitchen to customers
Friendly service

San Francisco
8 reviews
Dined on July 10, 2015

We have come here a handful of times to grab a bite last minute. We can always get a table.
The menu was good, lots of healthy choices mixed in with some great splurges. Usually we also get friendly service. The hostess that sat us was super sweet, and the person service us water was great. The server that was assigned to our table was not pleasant in the least. She didn't make eye contact, made no attempt to smile, and would walk away from us in the middle of our answering her questions. We witnessed her doing that to several other tables, so it wasn't just us! She really didn't want to be working I guess. Bummer for us.

11 reviews
Dined on July 4, 2015

Superb service & delicious food. This was our third visit and it has never disappointed us. My son had the Blueberry, Cinnamon French Toast & it was excellent!! Plus the chicken sausage was amazing. Can't wrong with breakfast here.

5 reviews
Dined on June 6, 2015

The menu was not overwhelming but each member of our party was pleased with their food. We sat outside and were very comfortable. Waitress from personable and very good. Food presentation was good and flavored were great.

I had the shrimp mango cocktail, the ahi crisp, the strawberry spinach salad, and the mushroom tart. All excellent!

San Francisco
11 reviews
Dined on May 10, 2015

we went there thinking it was going to be an actual brunch, but this was not the case. I really dont like giving bad reviews but the service was very slow (no one came to our table for 15 minutes) & they were not that busy. mimosa came after my breakfast & food was pretty tastless. our server was very nice though. will not be going back.

San Francisco
5 reviews
Dined on February 14, 2015

Disappointed that fixed-price menu only available for the evening. Regular menu was not available.

San Francisco
1 review
Dined on November 27, 2014

Food wad cooked to perfection. Service was the best I've had in a long
time in a restaurant. Would go back again.

36 reviews
Dined on November 24, 2014

Location and food are good. Convenient to freeway if meeting friends.

San Francisco
14 reviews
Dined on September 26, 2014

Bar noise for dinner was deafening and really ruined the dinner.

79 reviews
Dined on September 13, 2014

Good restaurant to stop when traveling. We both had salads and a drink on a quick overnight stay while traveling.

66 reviews
Dined on August 3, 2014

We enjoyed the breakfast. We wanted plain, good food, after way too much wine tasting.

San Francisco
43 reviews
Dined on June 27, 2014

Nice spot for a quick bite or a more leisurely dine. The food was excellent from the small bites to the sandwiches.

San Francisco
2 reviews
Dined on May 8, 2014

Love the Brasserie. Highly recommend, especially the patio seating on a nice evening. Great service and resonable prices.

San Francisco
35 reviews
Dined on April 27, 2014

Got together with a girlfriend any my mom. Restaurant was not busy (Sunday evening) and was delighfully quiet. We enjoyed booth seating. Service was very good and all of our selections were delicious. I would highly recommend this restaurant to others.

San Francisco
92 reviews
Dined on October 16, 2013

I was looking for a convenient place to meet a client who was in Sonoma County on business, and we wanted to meet for a late lunch. I thought this would be a good, easy to find place. Sadly, because we are both foodies, the food dissapointed. While the beet salad was edable, I couldn't eat the asian pork taco as the mini tortilla was dusty-dry and had minimal filling on top, and tasted bad. My client, a vegetarian, just picked at his Togarashi Spiced Tofu - so it was obvious he didn't enjoy it. I apologized to him that we should have gone somewhere else in SoCo that provides a far better representation of our local culinary talent. Lesson Learned, so much for convenient location.

San Francisco
2 reviews
Dined on October 15, 2013

Too few people there to give a meaningful review

San Francisco
91 reviews
Dined on October 2, 2013

The food was excellent. The servers are very friendly and sociable. Since we've eaten here before we remember their names and they remember us too. The prices are kept at a moderate rate.

San Francisco
12 reviews
Dined on September 28, 2013

Did not realize this restaurant was inside a hotel. But there we were in a strange town, and didn't have enough time to figure out a different option.
We were the first group of diners. In total, there were 4 groups while we were there.
We had to ask for the bread that was promised. The bread was the best part of the meal.
Everything else was ok, quite edible but not particularly noteworthy. A lot of oil on the vegetables which otherwise would have been cooked to the right doneness.
Service was slow throughout. Really, how long does it take to get a cup of coffee after dinner. They know you're eating, they're going to offer the coffee, have it made already.
So, no, would not recommend.

Las Vegas
1 review
Dined on September 16, 2013

3 meals had terrible, somewhat un-professional.
Need to retrain or hire new staff if they want to succeed.

San Francisco
17 reviews
Dined on September 4, 2013

Can't believe that the Brasserie isn't totally packed all day ! It is a bit far to walk from the downtown 'financial district' but has great free parking. We think everything about it is great ! Servers Malik and Nick are always very attentive (but never hovering) and friendly.

San Francisco
1 review
Dined on June 16, 2013

I made resv. and even called the day before (outdoor dining) and when we got there our table wasn't even ready. We stood there waiting while they put two tables together. They never even set the table. We didn't get our silverware til after our food was served. Service was slow, had to ask for more coffee when our cups were completely empty. I received my food and it wasn't as the menu stated....English muffin not biscuits for the special Benedict. Didn't ask what type of potatoes (hash browns or country). It was sad since I raved about this place...... the other guest will not be going back.


The Brasserie Restaurant & Bar offers takeout which you can order by calling the restaurant at (707) 636-7388.

The Brasserie Restaurant & Bar is rated 3.7 stars by 126 OpenTable diners.