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Stir Restaurant is regarded as one of the finest pre-theatre restaurants in Dublin. Located opposite the Bord Gais Energy Theatre, the location deserves a standing ovation. To compliment this convenience, an array of European, seasonally inspired dinner dishes are offered in affordable fixed price and a la carte options. A special children’s menu is also available, keeping the young ones’ tummy happy.
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1 review
Dined on March 8, 2020

No record of booking. Terrible service. Very slow. Way overpriced

OpenTable Diner
2 reviews
Dined on February 22, 2020

Had a booking for 6pm, arrived at 5.55 to be told you have no booking. Produced proof of booking and shown to a bar table outside the restaurant. Complained to the staff and then brought into the restaurant, given a menu at 6.30 and told we were too late for starters, ordered a main course each and waited until 7.10 to be told the food will possibly another 30 mins. We had theatre tickets and had no choice but to leave. An absolute disgrace of a restaurant. I cant understand why they were under pressure as the restaurant wasn’t that busy.

1 review
Dined on February 22, 2020

There seemed to be an issue regarding bookings and the manager seemed to be a little frustrated about this but we were seated and food was slow coming but when it came it was deicious

4 reviews
Dined on February 22, 2020

The food was good but the service was dreadful. We were going to the theatre and waited over an hour for our mains. When we complained they said it was because we booked through opentable !! To be fair, they did not charge us but we definitely would not go back.

1 review
Dined on February 22, 2020

No. We went for pre-theatre dinner and food service was really slow. ABout 4/5 tables of people walked out as they werent going to make the show. Food was fine but service let it down.

1 review
Dined on February 15, 2020

Lovely food and nice restaurant, service was very slow forgot some of our items and only after complaint did we get discount. Still expensive

1 review
Dined on February 15, 2020

Unfortunately food was cold as was the restuarant, beef was very fatty , just not good value.

1 review
Dined on February 9, 2020

Had booked table and when arrived told rudely by member of staff that we couldn’t possibly have booked table as restaurant was closed!! Served dinner in bar area but certain options not available and chips that ordered never came. Really let down as this was within 4 star hotel!

1 review
Dined on February 8, 2020

I booked a table as I saw your pre theatre idea and myself and my fiance wanted a nice dinner for our anniversary. When we were sitting, we waited for almost 25 minutes and no one came to our table to even offer a drink or take our order. We walked out and clearly the restaurant didn't even notice. I let the receptionist downstairs know and she replied "oh yeah we are jammers" it's no excuse as the restaurant shouldn't be taking in more people than they can manage. She infact encouraged us to go to the restaurants beside the bord gais but we did not have time at this stage. Over all a very disappointing experience. You clearly have a staff issue there which needs to be resolved.

1 review
Dined on February 1, 2020

Places in a corner and I had to get up and find a waitor/waitress twice during the dinner. One dessert was burnt and the other was clearly not fresh as the berry compote sauce was stuck to the plate! The cream on the two desserts were different colours!

1 review
Dined on January 4, 2020

Food very poor. Salad not dressed and presented very badly. Turkey and ham dinner returned as was not warm. Lovely apprentice waitress gave me new dinner but veg was minuscule on this dinner and no chipolatas. Meat was very poor. I question its authenticity Turkey is usually a dry meat. This seemed processed and quite slimy!!!. Service was very good. Nothing special about the food. Sorry!!

1 review
Dined on January 4, 2020

We ate here on saturday 4th January 2020.
We waited one hour and twenty minutes for an inedible pasta dish, another dish was wrong and another was just a plate of gristle hidden under a slice of beef...
The waiting staff were not bothered at all...
Wouldn't eat here again.

2 reviews
Dined on January 3, 2020

I visited Stir Restaurant for a pre-theatre dinner with a friend in early January 2020. When I gave my name to the greeter at the entrance to the restaurant, he said that my reservation wasn't on their list and made it out like that was my fault. When I showed him the Open Table reservation on my phone, he then checked his list again and my name was in fact on the list. My friend hadn't arrived yet but we were early for my booking. I told the greeter that my friend was on her way. In spite of this, he only gave me one menu and then walked off before I even had a chance to ask for a second menu.
The server came to take our order, but only took our order for starters and mains. He did not take any drinks order and hurried away from the table before we even had a chance to order drinks.
Only when our starter was served by a different staff member were we given the opportunity to order drinks. However, the staff member said that they would need to get their colleague to take our drinks order and would ask him to come to our table. Still nobody came, and only when we were halfway through our starter, we managed to catch the attention of another staff member and finally ordered our drinks.
The food was very tasty and I couldn't fault it.
However, the sloppy service from a 4-star hotel is very surprising.
When we paid up and settled our bill, both myself and my friend said goodbye to the waiter who had originally taken our order and to the greeter at the front of the restaurant, but neither of them said goodbye back. This was rude on their part, and again contributed to our perception of the bad customer service.
While I would recommend the food in Stir Restaurant, I would not personally dine here again due to the below-par customer service that we received.

OpenTable Diner
1 review
Dined on December 30, 2019

The meal was slightly disappointing, and was not worth the cost. The menu was quite restricted and there was very little choice.

1 review
Dined on December 28, 2019

small portions. average food. chicken salad starter not good at all

1 review
Dined on December 4, 2019

We didn't even get a seat in the restaurant, our meals were given to the table next to us, food , service was the worse I ever experienced.

1 review
Dined on October 30, 2019

I was really surprised to have such a bad experience. We arrived at 6.05pm. The girl who served us was very nice and got our child a pack to draw with which was great. After that it was a bit of a disaster. We ordered three starters, three mains. We ordered no later than 6.15pm and we got 2 of our starters at 6.40pm. The third starter was delayed by about 5mins. My husband had finished his starter by the time I got mine. It was clear that the serving staff were under a lot of pressure and I got the impression the kitchen staff were causing it. We asked them to rush our main courses out because we were going to a show. The menu we ordered from was a pre theatre. Our mains arrived at 6.50pm which was appreciated. The food was very nice though. We went to the bar to expedite paying and leaving and there was a queue of 2 or 3 doing the same. The couple in front of us was complaining and received a discount. Another customer came up to collect her drinks she had been waiting for for some time. It's a shame because the staff seemed nice but under pressure for some reason. Nothing seemed to be going right across the restaurant. And the food was good.

1 review
Dined on October 30, 2019

Waiter seemed to not understand when I asked for gluten free bread them another staff got it for us ( I had already said when booking) Food was lovely but we ordered dessert at 10 mins to the hour and at 15 mins past the hour we still hadn’t received them so we got the bill and left

1 review
Dined on October 24, 2019

On the plus side the food was excellent, service was friendly, the payment system was flexible (cash, card or room), we had a private booth which I liked and price was reasonable.

On the minus side the decor was a bit soulless, one of my side orders was incorrect but I took it, I though service was slow to begin, but this was colored by the fact that we were going to a show and I was conscious of time, (wouldn't have been an issue otherwise).

1 review
Dined on October 20, 2019

We enjoyed our experience. The restaurant is lovely and the food was quite good and value for money. The only negative was - the restaurant was virtually empty only about five parties of two. The waiter tried to seat us at a table right next to another couple so we asked for another table. We had just ordered when he two ladies were seated right beside us. All other tables around us were empty.

1 review
Dined on October 18, 2019

We requested water but when we received it ,it was contaminated. Causing slight up set stomach. The service was very slow and had skip dessert .we ordered coffee's but they were cold and we were not charged. I phoned to explain the water problem as it could have been serious, as yet I have not recieved a response I was informed the restaurant manager was at a meeting. I can be contacted @ 086 3014101

1 review
Dined on October 14, 2019

My wife and I booked a table the week before we arrived at the hotel to ensure that we were on time for our show in the venue across the road.
We were greeted by a waiter who queried our booking and who showed us to a table in an empty restaurant. The service was erratic and poor.
We had to go searching for each course and for drinks.
Really spoilt our night.
To compound our discomfort we ordered a taxi for 8.30 the following morning which arrived 30 minutes late and we almost missed our connection.
The staff were really unfriendly and unprofessional at the desk.
Room 184

3 reviews
Dined on October 8, 2019

We booked a pre-theatre dinner and arrived at 5.15pm so as not to suffer from anxiety should the service be slow (as I had read it was in some reviews). What a good job we did; I've never ever been in a restaurant where the service was so farcically slow. It took them nearly two hours to serve a two course meal. I could have understood it if the restaurant was busy, but it was practically empty - there were almost as many servers as there were diners. It's a shame because the food itself is good as is the service - when it actually happens! I can understand why the place was empty.

1 review
Dined on September 27, 2019

Food was just ok ,service was dreadful.we were there at 5.30 for a pre theatre meal .the restaurant was not busy at all ,just 3 tables full but the bar was busy with people eating .most of the staff were busy with this .there was a very long delay with our main course ,we then ordered dessert & coffees . The coffees came first ,which I felt was wrong ,we then had to wait at least a half an hour before our dessert finally came . The waiter came over to us & apologised about 4 times . We only had time to eat a small amount of our food ,as we had to go to our show .the waiter didn't charge us for our desserts or coffees .won't be returning or recommending this restaurant.very disappointing

OpenTable Diner
1 review
Dined on September 23, 2019

We had booked the table for 17.45hrs because we were attending the show at the Bord Gais Energy Theatre however we only managed to have our mains as the delay with service of our dessert and Tea was protracted (over 35 minutes) which resulted with us having to leave at 1915hrs in order to catch the show so we had to leave without said dessert and Tea which was most disappointing.

New York Area
1 review
Dined on September 17, 2019

We were a group of 6 who had arranged to see a show at 7.30 and have meal beforehand. We booked table for 5.45pm and arrived promptly only to be told the restaurant wasn't open but we could sit in the mezzanine and order from same menu there. The staff member was very apologetic & offered to place two small tables together to accommodate 6 people. He was apologetic but we found it difficult to contain our disappointment. We ordered our food shortly afterwards and we offered a complimentary bottle of House wine. Our food arrived at 6.45 almost an hour after sitting so we hadn't time to have desert, tea/coffee. The food was ok. As we were leaving a large tour group arrived and were taken into the restaurant to be seated which further annoyed me as we had been told the restaurant was closed!

2 reviews
Dined on August 24, 2019

Yes I would recommend this stir as the food was nice and the staff were pleasant.
However, service was very slow, both for food and drinks. Large groups appear to be forgotten about as often put at the back of the restaurant and feel somewhat forgotten about at times.

1 review
Dined on August 23, 2019

Stir Restaurant has a really great pre-theatre menu! Very convenient as it's just across the road.

1 review
Dined on August 17, 2019

Service was very poor, had table booked for 6pm, arrived 5.55pm, complained at 7pm as still no food served, we weren't the only ones everyone was complaining. They knew everyone that was there for pre theatre dinner had to be at show for 7.30 but didn't seem to care.
Definitely will not be back.

11 reviews
Dined on August 14, 2019

When we arrived at the restaurant, it was closed.

1 review
Dined on August 9, 2019

Excellent service, great food in a beautiful hotel setting. I would go again.

2 reviews
Dined on August 7, 2019

Perfect location for the Bird Gais Theatre, very friendly and helpful staff, food was really fresh and tasty.

1 review
Dined on August 6, 2019

We reserved our table at Stir purposely at the end of our stay in Dublin at the Clayton Cardiff Lane- what a perfect end to a wonderful vacation. The menu was perfect for us and the food was presented beautifully with ideal portions- the wines were delicious and the service was delightful. A shout out to Nigel, who took exceptional genuine care to make sure everything was to our satisfaction. I love how the team at Stir (and Vertigo) work together to care for all the patrons. The restaurant is elegantly decorated, bright, spacious, private, and cheerful. I would return to the hotel and dining there in a heartbeat. Thank you to the entire dining staff! 5 stars!!!

1 review
Dined on August 3, 2019

The food was lovely and good value for money the staff were very friendly and polite we will definitely go again on our next bord gais night out in November Thanks to all

1 review
Dined on June 28, 2019

The waiters were so kind with a smiling face all the time. Thanks to them

1 review
Dined on June 22, 2019

Excellent food and great wine selection. Fabulous attentive service

1 review
Dined on May 23, 2019

I completed a comment card outlining the issues giving my email address so I would have expected an email as a matter of courtesy. Side order of vegetables didn’t arrive with meal - had to remind two members of staff about them. Meal was almost finished by time they arrived. Ordered 3 teas and coffees and a jug with enough milk for only one coffee was brought. Asked three different staff for more milk - I’d have milked a cow in the time it took to get it. My tea was strong and luke warm by time it arrived. Having complained and advised staff that we wouldn’t be leaving a tip we were asked if we’d like some dessert - I presume this was going to be free - though that wasn’t clear, but as it was now 7pm and we were going to a 7.30 show we declined - given how slow it had been to get the vegetable order and milk. The restaurant was not busy and there seemed to be plenty of staff so there really was no excuse for the poor service.

1 review
Dined on April 26, 2019

The staff were very friendly there was not a lot of food on the plate and there wasn't much of a taste sorry we wont be returning to the restaurant and I wont be recommending it to my friends didn't think it was good value for the money .

1 review
Dined on March 30, 2019

We booked a pre theatre menu but the service was slow to take our order and we hardly had time to eat our meal!!

1 review
Dined on March 30, 2019

Nice attentive service during the meal. Food was excellent , fresh and hot as it should be. We both were surprised at the quality of the food given that hotel food generally has a poor reputation. We would highly recommend the Stir Restaurant to fellow diners who want quality, freshness and good service. Well done and keep up the good work!!


Stir Restaurant at Clayton Cardiff Lane is rated 2.1 stars by 89 OpenTable diners.

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