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We have fine dining in our spectacular ocean front restaurant serving local, organic, seasonal, and wild food! Our gardens and grounds are an edible landscape with over 200 herbs, greens, flowers and vegetables. We use the abundant natural resources of the area as a basis for fabulous cuisine, in an environment where people can get away from the stresses of the world and relax.
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1 review
Dined on February 29, 2020

A lovely place for a meal and the view is beautiful. We had a 5 course meal which was very good and we did not leave feeling hungry as some reviewers have indicated before. I think they have made a change to the portion sizes in light of this. I would have liked to have had a bit more choices for the first few courses but they were excellent none the less.
We will be back.

1 review
Dined on December 31, 2019

A perfect place to enjoy a new Year;s eve romantic dinner

OpenTable Diner
1 review
Dined on December 31, 2019

Excellent food
Inexperienced server and wine Somalia
Over priced

4 reviews
Dined on November 30, 2019

Lovely ambiance and delicious Chef's menu with excellent wine selection! It was a cozy evening!

1 review
Dined on November 23, 2019

The food was very good but we were quite disappointed with our service - it's a lot of money and a bit of a drive from Victoria. I'll notch it up to a bad day as the food was still very good.

1 review
Dined on November 23, 2019

Our dinner was sub par. We ordered the three course with a wine pairing. First course was a wrong order for my husband and I had five small tomatoes on a plate with some feta and six mung bean sprouts . My husbands second course was wrong three times until he was served raw lamb that was so hard to cut he needed a steak knife. Third course was ok and the wait staff seemed stressed due to one server for the whole dining room (over 6 full tables plus a large table of about 12)

Atlantic Canada
2 reviews
Dined on November 1, 2019

Since we were here before the restaurant has definitely declined in quality and overall ambience and value. Will not be back again.

6 reviews
Dined on October 12, 2019

The seven course tasting menu was at best Mediocre. The server was not very well trained. Didn’t know how to decant the wine wasn’t attentive to the table had to pour my own wine and water. Disappointing for the price they were asking. I will never go back.

11 reviews
Dined on September 14, 2019

I found the food and service to be very average for a restaurant at this price range and hype and tenure.
service was lackadaisical and food lacked pizzazz and flavour, except the iclandic cod, which was exceptional.

1 review
Dined on September 12, 2019

The food was wonderful and the discussion about the wine pairings was fun and informative. We went to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary and it lived up to what we were hoping.

28 reviews
Dined on September 8, 2019

Service was imperious and indifferent. There were only two other couples when we arrived 3 minutes early for our reservation. The server gave the impression we couldn’t be seated right away. We were seated outside. Service was slow, lunch was just ok. The gardens and the buildings look unkempt. This is surprising because this establishment was impeccable in the past. Definitely not worth the drive from Victoria.

Key West
47 reviews
Dined on September 6, 2019

The facility has gone a bit downhill from when I was here 15 years ago. Still very rustic but the grounds are not as well maintained. The food was unique and very good. A couple of the dishes were exceptional - we did 4 course menu with wine pairings. All the wines were from BC and were surprisingly good.

17 reviews
Dined on August 27, 2019

I had a not so good experience here, I emailed them to address the issue 4+ weeks ago and the business did not bother to respond.
Originally we booked a table at the main dining room,  unfortunately, my wife has some allergies and dietary restrictions so a few of the items on the set menu were not going to work for her, so we asked if we could move into the Copper Room which had a more friendly menu for her. 
I ordered the Chef's Trio Surprise for $55 and enjoyed all 3 of my dishes.  
My wife ordered 2 dishes that were completely made a mess of and left her to pick at my main dishes.  
The first dish my wife ordered was the Wiffen Spit Greens, which was described in the menu as Sprouts, Shoots, seeds, harbour house herb vinaigrette.  What arrived was a bed of romaine lettuce with a couple pickled mushrooms, tiny sour berries and berry vinaigrette dressing.  Not even close to what was on the menu. We sent it back.
Her second dish was the Mushroom Fricassee which also came out not even close to what was described in the menu.
What arrived was a bowl of sauteed veggies with a puck of polenta on top in what looked like some beet juice. No mushrooms, no creamy leek sauce, no green beans as stated in the fact not even close to a Mushroom Fricassee (not a mushroom in sight). 
Our server was clearly embarrassed and was as confused as we were on how such an enormous mistake could happen not once, but twice at what is described as a fine dining restaurant with a good reputation. Same kitchen, same chefs, sending out stuff not even close to what is on the menu. 
We are disappointed there was no offer or attempt to remake the dishes according to what we ordered and what was described on the menu.
We are also disappointed that no manager came out to apologize for what happened and left the server to face this absolute disaster on her own. 
Did no one check dishes for consistency and accuracy in the kitchen before they get served to the customer?

3 reviews
Dined on August 24, 2019

The food was super delicious and able to accommodate dieatary restrictions.

OpenTable Diner
2 reviews
Dined on August 23, 2019

Romantic atmosphere, delightful service, delicious and unique food.

New York Area
3 reviews
Dined on August 19, 2019

Truly awful experience.

33 reviews
Dined on August 8, 2019

We love Sooke Harbour House and make a point of visiting every year when we rent a cottage near Sooke.

We love to do the four course tasting menu, paired with B.C. wines.

The food was delicious and wines pretty good. Two little caveats though this year:

1. Part of the fun with the pairings is hearing all about the wines - for all four pairings we had to specifically ask our server to please tell us what the wine was we were having with the course. She just gave the name and nothing else - disappointing. At the end of the evening we asked for the paper printed with the menu (and usually the wines printed on it) - as we have for the past 7 years. We did receive it but with wines scrawled by hand in ink - and not accurately and against menu choices we didn’t have. We have had some wonderful servers over the years who have made our dining experience memorable - sadly that was not so this year.

2. I have never, ever, ever complained about portion size - hate that stuffed feeling - but I have to say that the portions we received this year for each course were on the microscopic end of serving sizes. Literally a bite or two of each course with the exception of the mains which was marginally more. Less is more when it comes to beautiful food presentation, but this year I think someone forgot that the diners aren’t there simply to admire (which we did) but also to eat!

Hope these items will be corrected for next year.

1 review
Dined on August 4, 2019

My wife and I recently had dinner and found the portions very small.
Me wife had an appetizer with barnacles which was tasteless and disgusting in her words and I had a salad which was fine but small.
My wife had a seafood dish which she liked and I had strip loin which had 5 small sliced pieces of steak which didn't have much flavor and which I would estimate amounted to about half of a 6 oz. steak.
With 2 glasses of wine our expenditure was $268.00 including 15% tip.
We are not neophytes to fine dining so sadly we were quite disappointed with our experience.

San Francisco
6 reviews
Dined on July 29, 2019

Quintessential harbor dining spot full of art and artistic architecture. We did not stay overnight. 8:00pm reservation in Copper Room found menu items already 'sold out' which was a disappointment. We had two gluten-free guests in our party of four. Found items for everyone, then found out some more items were not available and substitutions were just okay (no quinoa, sub lentils). Had scallop dish and fish and chips. F&C was great, other just so-so. Our server had to make up for mistakes by the kitchen plating staff and he did an excellent job so can't complain on service.

1 review
Dined on July 29, 2019

Attended with my family for dinner. The place started out empty but filled later. We had trouble having a conversation as the music was far too loud. It was lowered after we asked. Our dinner took almost three hours, which is far too long. Our servers were missing for periods of time. When finally asked for an explanation for the delay we were told it was because we ordered our steak well done! When it finally arrived the food was good, but certainly not outstanding. At one time the Sooke Harbour House was a destination restaurant, with impeccable service and food. I'm afraid it is no longer at that level and needs work. There are now some very good restaurant options in Sooke. Sadly, Sooke Harbour has fallen.

2 reviews
Dined on July 29, 2019

We always enjoy special meals at the Sooke Harbour House. The menu changes seasonally, always offers interesting choices, and the food quality and presentation is excellent. The wine pairings with the meal are well chosen BC wines that enhance the meal and offer insights into unfamiliar vineyards. Service is excellent, both the waiter and the servers know what they are doing. The setting is congenial in the dining room and the surrounding gardens charming; the ocean view is familiar to us but for a visitor would be impressive. The prices are on the high side, but match the value.

1 review
Dined on July 28, 2019

Very disappointing...we were here six years ago, had some of the best meals ever, with very nice and competent staff. This time we were hardly noticed, had to ask for everything twice. We paid 75 dollars each for a 3-course “meal”...more like 3 little bites. And no sparkling water available! Never again!

3 reviews
Dined on July 19, 2019

Our 44th anniversary...We arrived at 5:30 (opening time) and received the best table in the room (view over the Strait of Juan de Fuca to our home state of Washington). The appetizers were delightful and the
chef sent out a couple of extras (for everyone---not just us)---a small half plum w/ condiments (in season
in the area around Sooke) and a small just-pressed apple cider (delicious). Entre & dessert were also delicious. All items were beautifully presented...My only word of caution would be to be sure you understand their pricing. The menu changes daily and consists of either a 3-course or 4-course meal. Either way, it is NOT cheap, but we thought we were ordering the 3-course (no dessert) and wound up with the 4-course, going from merely expensive to REALLY expensive. I did not contest it since we had such a wonderful dining experience, fitting for an anniversary. There are far less expensive eateries in the
area, but we wanted a memory (not merely a meal) and that is what we received. I thought it was worth the price...

1 review
Dined on July 18, 2019

Sorry, nice atmosphere does not make up for overpriced undersized servings. The food was not as good as we anticipated. Will definitely not return, nor recommend to anyone.

1 review
Dined on July 13, 2019

If you love gourmet food and you need to decompress, this is wonderful. We enjoyed a lovely afternoon wandering Whiffen Spit, had a beverage on the SHH deck before dinner and then had a wonderful 3 course meal. The little extras make the experience truly special.

9 reviews
Dined on July 3, 2019

A beautiful, elegant meal in a beautiful, elegant place!

1 review
Dined on July 2, 2019

One of the most incredible meals I’ve had. Beautiful views, great service, and great food.

31 reviews
Dined on June 30, 2019

I booked this restaurant a month in advance thinking it would be highlight of our trip. Wrong. The place was nearly empty, yet we were seated at corner table in awkward position. Service was attentive, yet not totally professional. Food good, but nothing special. For this kind of price, everything should be special.
portions were tiny.

66 reviews
Dined on June 24, 2019

We stayed at Sooke Harbour House for 3 nights (highly recommended— our room was lovely) and for our last night, our anniversary, we wanted a special night so ordered the 7-course tasting menu with wine pairings in their dining room (not the Copper Room). What a huge disappointment! The courses were rushed; we were just finishing the amuse bouche when the server brought the salad. All but one dish, the duck, was under-seasoned. The venison was cooked well done. Only one of the 3 servers took the time to describe the dish she was serving (altho they were all friendly; the two young guys were new and I think unfamiliar with tasting menus). The wines were good altho for the speed at which the dishes came, there was too much! New wines were brought out when we were only halfway thru our last glasses! The couple sat beside us, who ordered off the regular menu, sent both their mains back (overcooked duck and microwaved tasting pasta). With tip (cos you can’t blame the servers), the total was $560!! Not even remotely worth it. We would 100% stay in the hotel again, but would stick to the Copper Room (more casual menu but same kitchen staff).

New England
12 reviews
Dined on June 14, 2019

I had eaten here eight or ten years ago when Sooke Harbour was said to be (and was) one of the finest restaurants in Canada. This is not the case any more. The food is just average; the service is poor. We were served the wrong dishes several times. We waited more than a half hour for dessert only to find they had forgotten about it. The restaurant was not busy so that wasn’t the problem. We laughed at the first “screw up.” By the end, we just wanted to leave and never return. Sad.

6 reviews
Dined on June 1, 2019

We loved our experience at Sooke House. The food was fantastic and the staff were great. My husband even went into the kitchen to thank the chefs! They also have great art for sale from local artists.

Highly recommend it. It is a little ways from Victoria but worth the drive.

San Francisco
1 review
Dined on June 1, 2019

Although the restaurant is in a remote location it is a great experience for those who want to get away from the city.

San Francisco
2 reviews
Dined on May 30, 2019

The halibut was excellent. Lovely meal, beautiful atmosphere and view.

9 reviews
Dined on May 24, 2019

The menu items were very limited and uninspired. Most of the food was very bland, and the portions were very small and disappointing. The halibut was over cooked and the dryness was accentuated by the lack of sauce. The lamb dish was better, it was plated with an adequate amount of sauce. We paid over $500 and the meal felt very overpriced.

1 review
Dined on May 19, 2019

One can find no better West Coast view than at Sooke Harbour House. It is worth the drive for the unique experience of ocean and mountain views. The service was excellent. The servers were welcoming, attentive, and very accommodating--they wanted to make sure that we had a wonderful dining experience. The quality of the food was excellent with a beautiful presentation. The menu had a wide variety of local offerings, even vegetarian. There was an abundance of vegetables served with each course. The wine pairings that were chosen for each of my courses was excellent. The waiter did a fine job of explaining where each of the wines came from. I was impressed that they were all B.C. wines. My only complaint is the quantity of food. I'm a light eater, so the servings were perfect for me. However, my husband is a hearty eater and did not get filled with the small servings. In fact, he went home and ate a peanut butter sandwich! When we were having before dinner drinks in the pub, we saw a hamburger go by. After my husband hikes the East Sooke Park Coast trail tomorrow, we are coming in for one of those hamburgers. I have no doubt they will be excellent!

3 reviews
Dined on May 12, 2019

Delicious courses served in a light filled and beautiful setting with a view of the bay.

OpenTable Diner
1 review
Dined on May 2, 2019

Outstanding views, charming hotel and room with delicious and beautifully presented food. We will be back and highly recommend it.

7 reviews
Dined on April 21, 2019

Excellent!! Very diverse menu with lots of choices. Accommodated celiac needs very well! Service and ambiance were extraordinary!

3 reviews
Dined on April 11, 2019

A friend referred us to this treasure! I had no expectation but a good meal. The facility is quiet and intimate; perfect for a romantic evening. The chef's tasting was superb; little tastes of many well prepared treats. The staff was attentive, pleasant and personable. Many thanks to everyone.

In spite of it being a rainy night; the view was gorgeous. The deer prancing by was delightful.

I cannot wait until my next visit to Victoria to return.......Karen, Portland, Oregon, USA.

5 reviews
Dined on April 1, 2019

The only option available the night that we were there was the chef's tasting menu. The food was very
good, though the portions were small. The ambience with the view of the ocean is excellent and the service was good but the meal was overpriced at over $300. We had a better meal at a much lower price at Wild Mountain in Sooke two days later.


Sooke Harbour House is rated 4.3 stars by 230 OpenTable diners.

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