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Dined on December 13, 2019

When we arrived they didn’t have our reservation even with an email and text confirmation. Same menu upstairs and downstairs with very loud music the entire meal. We also heard the holiday party karaoke during our meal which was an added negative bonus. With the loud music the lights also were blinking and changing color to the beat so it felt like a club vibe in a formal dinning area. Food and service were great but you pay a downtown tax with a horrible environment. Would recommend a different sushi restaurant Due to the environment.

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Dined on December 7, 2019

Nam Nam does not exist anymore--it now has the same menu as Seven. This was not obvious from the website, so we went hoping for South Asian food and ended up with only steakhouse options. Definitely not impressed.

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Dined on November 1, 2019

We were greeted and brought to our table by Deanna. She was extremely professional and immediately made us feel like we’d made the right choice for pre show dinner. Our server, Tishelle, was exceptional. She was pleasant, accommodating, and in tune with each part of our ordering process. We ordered the firecracker roll and two oysters to start. They were very good. The roll originally came out without wasabi & ginger but the gentleman dropping it off realised it and fixed that issue before he even set down the plate. We then ordered a bottle of wine. It was taking a long time to arrive so Tishelle had to track it down. The staff were telling her they weren’t sure if they even had the bottle we’d requested. She found it in the end and brought it to us. We then ordered the porterhouse special. It was a 32oz porterhouse with a baked potato and broccolini. We ordered it medium rare yet it came well done and not even seared on the outside. Tishelle brought it back to the kitchen and we received a new one. This one was undercooked (still not seared/but tasty/we ate it - quickly as our show was starting) and had asparagus instead of broccolini. Deanna stopped by a couple of times throughout the night to make sure things were going well and assisted Tishelle in making corrections to our order issues. Based on the exceptional service from both Deanna and Tishelle, we will go back here and give the kitchen another chance.

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Dined on October 5, 2019

This is a very special place!

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Dined on May 19, 2019

not good. they didnt have a reservation. confusing info on site. No one knew ehat was going on. not Nam Nam anymore. actual experience doesnt match what site says. weird bouncers at door. Suoer RUDE hostesses that offered no help. Really lame.

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Dined on March 30, 2019

The selection of background music was terrible for the dinner hour guest. The constant drumbeat became very annoying. The menu lacked cohesiveness and it was disappointing to see traditional Japanese sushi items missing (seaweed salad, e.g.). You should never be handing out menus where you have to tell your guest that one whole page is not available anymore!!

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Dined on February 27, 2019

I felt the ambiance was terrible. I understand it was a Wednesday evening, but I feel like this restaurant tries to portray itself as a high end sushi and steak restaurant, when all it really is is a very average place. The decor upstairs is terrible. Downstairs a little better, but not by much. I sat at the bar and the service was good. The manager and some of the servers stood around a lot close to where I was sitting and at times seemed borderline unprofessional to me. Admittedly, I am a stickler for maintaining a certain amount of decorum and professionalism when you are working and ALWAYS being cognizant that the person sitting at the bar is your paying customer, not an equal to you at that particular point in time. Some of the conversations that happen between employees should never be exposed to your customers...the upstairs is a big open space with flimsy tables and chairs. My opinion, convert it into a speak easy type space. Invest in better more comfortable furniture. Keep all the food downstairs.

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Dined on February 9, 2019

The food was good, but the service was incredibly slow.

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Dined on December 22, 2018

A very bizarre ambiance. Some nice features, but then TVs all over the walls and music playing through large speakers like its a sports bar. My girlfriend and I didn't like it. The tables, plastic chairs and tile work made us feel like we were eating in a cafeteria. During our dinner, we witnessed the staff wheeling garbage cans and supplies back and forth through the restaurant on carts. Right through the dining room. The food and service was actually decent, but in the competitive downtown Market you can find better value and experience for your money. Sorry Nam Nam, we will go elsewhere next time.

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Dined on December 14, 2018

This place is just so weird. It was mostly empty on a Friday night. They said their tap beer wasn't working and they were out of sake. The server was very kind and quite good, but the place itself just seemed like it had opened yesterday even though it has been open for at least 6 months.

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Dined on November 14, 2018

We were extremely disappointed with the service and the food at Nam Nam . We complained to our waiter a couple of times about a couple of things. One was my drink being delivered to my table with a third of it missing, the waiter agreed, but then walked away and did nothing to rectify it. we told him we did not liking the cold cauliflower dish we ordered and only ate a small amount of, but he did nothing to make it better. The tuna shashimi was stringy and tough, and very disappointing. The seaweed paper used on the cut rolls were tough and chewy. The best thing was the grilled asparagus and the salmon shashimi.
We would not recommend this place to anyone.
As we were leaving and heading downstairs to Seven, the other sister restaurant there, I asked for the manager and informed him of our bad experience upstairs at Nam Nam. The manager was very apologetic, and did offer for us to come back and eat at seven on him, or have a drink at the bar to help make it up, which was a nice jester on his part. However, we were leaving town the next day, and we were not able to take him up on his offer to make it right.

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Dined on September 29, 2018

We came in with the expectation that Nam Nam would fill the fusion void left by Saffron, but it did not measure up. The Sushi/no-no rolls had too much rice, the thai chicken was too salty, and the beef short ribs were tasteless. The wings were the best part of the meal, relative to rest of the food - Lyn 65 wings are much better. Service was very good, though.

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Dined on August 15, 2018

I made an online reservation weeks in advance for a weekday via OpenTable. I entered the restaurant and went to the hostess station, she claimed that Nam Nam was not open during the weekday and does not accept weekday reservations! She had no record of my reservation. After showing her my reservation confirmation on my phone, she was still thoroughly confused, but indicated that I was free to dine on the rooftop where seating was open and they were serving sushi. The rooftop felt crowded and a little loud, but the service was still decent and it was a beautiful evening. The sushi was too unique for its own good; unusual flavor combinations that really did not go well together. We had to return one plate to the kitchen because the flavor was simply inedible. Suffice it to say, I will not return to Nam Nam.

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Dined on July 18, 2018

I made a reservation through Open Table for a Wednesday at 7:00 PM. As it turned out, the restaurant wasn't even open. When my friends arrived before I did, they were told we didn't have a reservation. When I arrived and showed the host my reservation details, she made it sound like the kitchen had to close abruptly due to some issue but that they could seat us downstairs at Seven. That seems like a good explanation and we agreed to be seated at Seven. But then she just walked away mid-conversation and left us hanging. So after a minute I went to tell another guy at the host desk who looked like a manager that we were just going to leave, and mentioned the fact that we had a reservation upstairs. His response was that this was opentables fault because Nam Nam isn't even open on Wednesdays. As I'm writing this review I went to their website and it does say that they are open on Wednesdays. We ended up having a great meal at Mercy just a few blocks away, I recommend it. The reservation issue is a problem I would normally quickly forget about, but I felt as though the host and the manager were unsympathetic to the inconvenience, and in the hosts case a little rude, and for that reason I don't plan on going back.

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Dined on June 30, 2018

This place has really gone down hill since the change of management. Rude people such as the 2 hostesses, terrible cleanup or lack thereof at the bar, VERY long wait for a table even though we had a reservation. 2 wines they listed and did not have and the bottle which was served was warm. no oysters on Saturday night? Prime 6 took their people and they are doing a much better job there!

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Dined on June 30, 2018

Service was awful. Waited over 60 minutes for food. Taste was fair to midland. Even after expressing concern about the wait, nothing was done to proactively address the situation.

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Dined on June 15, 2018

Shows promise. Cocktails were excellent. Service was pleasant and well paced (early reviews here were not indicative of our experience). Food was all good, some great. Space is a little odd. Feels like it’s a place to be when it’s dark outside and there are more people in the restaurant.

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Dined on June 9, 2018

AWFUL service. Had a group of six, it took ten mins for the first two people to be served their food. Another 20 mins for another two people to get their food. And a full 30-40 mins for our last two friends to get their food. Our server was NO WHERE to be found, while the bus lady was rude and didn't help us find our server at all. The place used to look very nice but the remodel has it looking like a 50s diner, complete with wobbly tables. Not once did our server come by to check on beverage refills, nor to address or apologize for the food coming out so intermittently. AWFUL, will never visit again and will discourage all friends I know not to come.

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Dined on April 20, 2018

It was seriously the worst dining experience I’ve had I. The twin cities in 19 years. The service was horrid, they were out of literally every type of wine and cocktail we tried to order and our food took forever. And the sushi was meh. It should be called Bomb-Bomb. DO NOT GO!


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