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Menara Moroccan Restaurant has been serving the Bay area for 30 years. An award winning menu and belly dancing makes this a premier dining place in San Jose. Near the junction of 101 and 880 Freeway at the 1st Street exit and Gish Road Station, Menara Moroccan Restaurant is conveniently located near major hotels, the convention center and airport. Romance, fantasy, fun. Have your own little Casablanca today.
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San Francisco
13 reviews
Dined on March 6, 2020

The food was excellent, shared among our table. We chose the Shrimp and Lamb dishes in the prix fixe meal. Having to sit on cushions on the floor added to the ambiance. The belly dancer was lovely and made it fun.

OpenTable Diner
San Francisco
1 review
Dined on February 29, 2020

Good belly dancing, food could be better.

San Francisco
1 review
Dined on February 19, 2020

Food was amazing, I got the rabbit and my husband got the lamb with onions and we were very happy with the food. The only thing bad I could say is the seating was dirty.

1 review
Dined on February 14, 2020

We went here four Valentine's dinner and had a wonderful time. The food was great and the belly dancers were very fun and even taught us a couple moves. It was a great experience.

1 review
Dined on February 8, 2020

I dont know if its because i reserved my table through open table but i was given a table in a corner of the restaurant even though i made the reservations well in advance. The belly dancing was not visible from this corner. The food was also cold and the service was not good at all. The waiters seemed to be preoccupied and were not courteous at all.

29 reviews
Dined on January 31, 2020

Delish food, interesting and welcoming decor, entertainment and reasonable prices. What’s not to like?

25 reviews
Dined on January 27, 2020

Sadly disappointing. Big fan of traditional Moroccan and this turned out to be a low-budget version with poor disinterested service. Food wasn’t terrible, but not good either. Tea tasted like gutter runoff- like confusingly bad and undrinkable.

San Francisco
17 reviews
Dined on January 18, 2020

Food was good, well presented. Belly dancing show was lively and entertaining. Service was very attentive and professional.

1 review
Dined on January 16, 2020

Good food! Great ambience! Good quantity for a price.

Central Coast
1 review
Dined on December 31, 2019

We have been several times before and loved it. We went for NYE and were a bit disappointed. The food was still great, but rather than getting the genuine cultural experience we have had in the past—eating with hands, towels in place of napkins, fancy tea pouring, etc, they seem to have caved to the American way of things. This time it was silverware and napkins, no fancy tea pouring. The waitress we had didn’t just seem new, she’s seemed down right clueless. When I asked what kind of vodka they had she said, “I don’t know. I don’t make the drinks, I just take the orders for them.” She didn’t improve. I hope it was an off night due to the holiday because we have always really enjoyed going there in the past. We will give it another shot.

1 review
Dined on December 19, 2019

BellyDance is major attraction from Thu-Sunday . It was good. Great place with good food, but limited menu for Dinner. Rabati dinner was awesome. Rabbit dish is avialble in limited restaurants. This is one of them. Lamb sliders were great. Cornish hen was little bland. Chicken kebab is a little undercooked or felt crunchy.

San Francisco
17 reviews
Dined on December 19, 2019

Enjoyable dinner with belly dancing!

OpenTable Diner
Los Angeles
3 reviews
Dined on December 8, 2019

Service was poor and food were mediocre. The ambiance and vibe of this place made me want to get out asap.

3 reviews
Dined on December 6, 2019

Overall a fun night. Hard to get prompt service from our waitress. It was one waitress for the entire restaurant taking orders. They assumed we were done with our meal after our entree because they brought the check without asking if we wanted dessert. Entertainment was nice .. loved that the dancers for the audience engaged.

San Francisco
24 reviews
Dined on November 23, 2019

My first time there. I went with a friend for dinner on Saturday. Were seated promptly and eventually waitress asked if we wanted anything from the bar. At that point, we said no and we wanted to see the menu. After a long wait, the menu was brought but not explained. As advertised on the website, we wished to order a la carte. Very hard to get the waitstaff's attention then and throughout the evening. Finally flagged down a waitress who told us because of the entertainment, only the fixed price ($40) dinner was available and we had a choice of maybe six entrees, all with the same salad, rice, steamed vegetables and baklava plus tea for dessert. A la carte not an option. We had some questions about the dishes, and eventually flagged down the manager who answered them. We ordered the lamb kabob dinner but were told they were out and could bring us the lamb kofta which we chose.

The "salad": a small portion on a single plate, surprised it was intended for the 2 of us. It was so-so. After another long wait, the dinner orders arrived. The kofta did not taste like it had lamb in it, was crumbly, and was likely previously frozen. The white rice and steamed vegetables were bland, no butter or sauce. Awful.

The "dessert" was one small ( 1 3/4 inch by 1 inch) piece of baklava. It tasted like what one would get out of a package of stale middle eastern desserts. Tea was OK.

Ordered a club soda and after asking twice, had to go to the bar to get it. Paid for it at the bar and brought it to the table. When we were presented with the bill at the end of the evening, there was a charge for the soda water which we had already paid for at the bar.

Rather than waste any more time there (it had been 2 1/2 hours), we paid the $90+ and left. Entertainment and decor good. Food and service sorely disappointing.

1 review
Dined on November 23, 2019

Everything was good but the food portions were smalll.

San Francisco
2 reviews
Dined on November 22, 2019

Hidden gem.
This place is so much fun. Great food. Belly Dancing!!
Great for groups and a full bar!

San Francisco
1 review
Dined on November 20, 2019

Ladies Night out and had fun sitting on the floor eating yummy food and chatting away. Lamb with honey and almonds is great and I'm not a lamb fan. Honey mint tea was a nice ending to a delicious meal.

OpenTable Diner
San Francisco
3 reviews
Dined on November 15, 2019

Great ambience. Food is delicious. One of the best moroccan I’ve had.

Salt Lake City
28 reviews
Dined on November 11, 2019

Wanted something different, so sitting on pillows eating honeyed lamb did the trick. Restaurant is old and was all but empty when we went. Neighborhood is not great. Food was good and when they have the belly dancing (as they do some nights) it is more fun.

Palm Springs
26 reviews
Dined on November 7, 2019

Delicious food, attentive service and fun atmosphere made for a wonderful dinner with friends. The tasting menu was a good value to try a few different dishes. A terrific place for large group with a theme.

San Francisco
2 reviews
Dined on November 2, 2019

Delicious food. Relaxed atmosphere. We were there for 2 1/2 hours. You sit on the floor on cushions or on low couches. There are a few tables with chairs for those that need it. Not big on belly dancers, but we got there at 6 and show didn't start until 8 ish.

San Francisco
1 review
Dined on November 2, 2019

Food was overpriced. Dishes took way too long to be brought out. After the appetizers, the rest of the dishes were not brought out until we asked them. Wait time for each subsequent dish after appetizer was 25 - 30 mins long. Food servers were only interested in new arrivals.

1 review
Dined on October 25, 2019

The dinner menu for the show had a good selection and the food was delicious. The belly dancers were awesome! Wonderful way to spend an evening.

San Francisco
57 reviews
Dined on October 19, 2019

This place is a kick. We hadn't been for probably 9 years and it's pretty much the same. They used to not provide silverware and you ate with your hands and they gave you a bath towel for a napkin. It was fun if a little messy, but I liked it! I miss it! Anyway, the food was as I remembered it. Unique and tasty! They serve family style and you can order the same combos for all or they now have an a la cart menu as well. We did a combo of both for our group of 6. The Rabati dinner is great with the rabbit and ground lamb. We had the watermelon salad which was good and lentil soup which was good, but not noteworthy. Overall, truly unique, delicious flavors that all of our group loved. We brought our own wine and corkage is very reasonable at $17! We were the first group to arrive and tried to order cocktails, but their selection was limited and the lovely girl that tried to help us was very nice and tried, but wasn't a bartender ("We don't have vermouth. Do you want orange juice in your martini? ")

Then there's the belly dancing! The place filled up to near capacity as the evening progressed and at 8, the show started. The woman who danced was great! No hard pressure to get up and dance with her, just mild encouragement. There was a group of prepubescent boys there for a birthday or something and it was priceless to watch their rapt attention. Nothing inappropriate about it at all but I suspect it was an evening they will remember.

They have banquettes you can sit on or for the purist with good backs, you can sit on the floor with cushions. They still do the ritual at the beginning pouring water over the groups' hands held over an ornate hand washy thing, but it used to be rosewater-now it's just water water. Another thing I'd like to see come back.

It's a blast to go to Menara, the food is good and unique and so is the entire experience. Just byo cocktails...

San Francisco
7 reviews
Dined on October 10, 2019

This place is hidden gem IMHO...

Doesn't look like much from the outside, while the surrounding neighborhood is constantly being gentrified....errr...improving, it's most definitely not on the posh side of town. Parking is a bit confusing, even though there is a big lot on the back. The restaurant is large and spacious inside with brilliant decor that makes one feel like you've been transported to another land...

Very friendly staff that is attentive and well informed.
On to the eats...

~ Kebab Platter - 5/5
Delish! All the meats were Perfect! The Harissa sauce that accompanies the platter is just outstanding; packed with flavor, a bit of a kick to it without being overwhelmingly spicy. Just make sure you devour the meats while they are warm and fresh...cause its a different story when the sit for a bit and start to cool down.

~ Rabbit with Onion and Paprika - 3.5/5
I had no expectations for this one...just wanted to try something different / exotic. Meh...I'd skip this one. The flavor was OK, definitely edible, but nothing outstanding. This could pass as shredded beef or pork. The Rabbit was full of tiny bones...akin to eating crab; quite a bit of work. Definitely worth trying if you are adventurous, I just wouldn't order it again.

~ Fish with Green Chermoula - 5/5
One amazing dish. Absolutely delectable. Some sort of White fish, light buttery and flaky that literally melts in your mouth; no knife needed. What makes this dish outstanding is the Green Chermoula sauce, especially with some fresh Lemon juice sprinkled on top; an insider tip from our lovely hostess.

~ Moroccan Syrah - 4/5
Such a bad connoisseur...I was too busy enjoying my meal and completely forgot to pay attention to the wine. I recall it being, very pleasant.

Thu - Sun stay come for dinner and a show after 8:00

OpenTable Diner
New York Area
6 reviews
Dined on September 17, 2019

I had a staff dinner at Menara and everyone loved the experience. The decor was inviting and authentic. The food was fantastic. I don’t think anyone had anything left on their plates!

San Francisco
2 reviews
Dined on September 7, 2019

Always a great experience. Order the multi-course meals -- we like the Moroccan, and a couple of Morrocan Magic drinks to go with (Mai Tai - like), and you're set. They provide utensiles, but eat with your hands! Great from salad to baclava and mint tea. The honeyed lamb is amazing, and the chicken is so tender you just suck the meat from the bones. Every time I take guests, they always comment on what a amazing time they had. Oh and bring some smaller bills for the belly dancer!

San Francisco
1 review
Dined on September 5, 2019

This restaurant is a hidden gem. I found it online and gave it a chance. The inside of the restaurant is beautiful and the music compliments the mood. I had a large meal with many types of food to try and all were absolutely amazing. It is very clear that the cook and staff take pride in this restaurant. I am already planning to go back again with a larger group.

San Francisco
2 reviews
Dined on August 30, 2019

Had a great time here. Was treated like an honored member of a rich family. The belly dancing was entertaining and a lot of fun. I hope this place stays around.

San Francisco
1 review
Dined on August 24, 2019

We went a Saturday night. It felt like being in Marocco, very exotic. We were seated close to another table, we had the feeling to be too noisy for them, a bit of space could be good. The service was professional but stressed. The food was excellent.

San Francisco
19 reviews
Dined on August 10, 2019

Great place for all events. Food and entertainment are just fabulous. Exotic and energetic. You will not be disappointed.

vipOpenTable Diner
7 reviews
Dined on July 19, 2019

Nice atmosphere
Food was mediocre a bit tasteless

San Francisco
4 reviews
Dined on July 11, 2019

It was our first time and we loved it. Good food, and a wonderful experience!

1 review
Dined on July 7, 2019

We went on a Sunday night - not knowing that the restaurant would be virtually empty and that there was no show that night. So we paid a lot extra for a show - none. The menu lacked options - basically, they had 4 prix fixe meals.

No real tables - you sit on cushions or low benches. At first, this was fun - but after a while, it got very uncomfortable.

1 review
Dined on July 1, 2019

Yes and no. They really need to update the inside. It is old, dingy and dirty.

1 review
Dined on June 2, 2019

Wonderful, totally recommend it. Nice atmosphere, good food and prices.

1 review
Dined on May 31, 2019

Very fun place if you like good food and entertainment.

San Francisco
1 review
Dined on May 28, 2019

There were 8 in our group. There also was a large private party in another room. There were only 2 waitresses to serve both groups and one of the them was also the bartender as well as preparing our bill. They did their best but really could have used one more server. Our group enjoyed the food and several said they would return.

New England
41 reviews
Dined on April 21, 2019

Good food but a little quiet that night, probably due to Easter Sunday. Great food!


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