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Bavarian Lodge Restaurant

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Vorspeisen Und Salate / Appetizers & Salads

  • Bavarian Herring Boat$8.50

    Fresh Herring filets marinated in champagne, vinegar & spices for three days, mixed with apples, onions, himalayan salt, pepper, sugar, & sour cream.

    • Pot Luck Bratwurst Sampler$9.50

      Sautéed with sweet onion gravy, served with our crusty german bread & herb butter.

      • Knödle$4.00

        German potato dumplings with gravy.

        • Kartoffel Puffer

          German potato pancakes.

          • (2)$4.50
          • (5)$8.50

        Aus Dem Suppentopf / Our Soups

        • Braumeister - Gulyas Suppe (Goulash)$6.50

          Traditional German soup served with German bread & herb butter.

          • Bavarian Salad$7.00

            Romaine lettuce topped with carrots, sweet onions, tomatoes, cranberry raisins, nuts, & served with homemade Bavarian dressing.

            Beilagen / Side Orders

            • Vienna Salad$3.50

              • Bavarian Fried Potatoes$3.50

                • Red Cabbage$3.50

                  • Sauerkraut$3.50

                    • Spätzle$3.50

                      egg noodle

                      • Kartoffel Salat$3.50

                        german potato salad.

                        Abendessen / Entrees

                        All plate shares served with an extra side. Choose from Vienna salad, Bavarian fried potatoes, German potato salad, Sauerkraut, red cabbage or Spätzle - add $4.95.

                        • Bavarian Pork Chops

                          Lightly breaded, boneless pork chops, pan-seared & served with onion demi-glace.

                          • Lunch$12.95
                          • Dinner$21.95
                        • Braumeister - Gulyas (Goulash)

                          Sautéed pork tips & onions in a spicy paprika sauce.

                          • Lunch$12.95
                          • Dinner$21.95
                        • Drunken Bavarian Chicken

                          Chicken smothered in German Riesling wine sauce, mushrooms & herbs.

                          • Lunch$13.95
                          • Dinner$22.95
                        • Münchner Sauerbraten

                          Roasted beef marinated in wine, vinegar & spices for days, resulting in tenderness, & served in a tangy ginger snap gravy.

                          • Lunch$15.95
                          • Dinner$24.95
                        • Bach Forelle - Müllerin (Trout)

                          Lightly seasoned Trout filet, pan-fried & served with a dollop of lemon butter.

                          • All Day$22.95
                        • Oma's (Granny's) Beef Rolladen

                          Rolled beef with pickle, onion, carrot, bacon, mustard & spices.

                          • All Day$24.95
                        • Roasted Vegetable Strudel (All Day)

                          Chef's selection of seasonal roasted vegetables, with goat cheese, served over a bed of greens, & our house dressing.

                          • All Day$14.95
                        • Schweinshaxn (Pork Shank)

                          MUST BE INFORMED 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE. Served with Münchner Onion Beer sauce, Spätzle or Knödle (German homemade noodles, potato dumplings).

                          • All Day$31.95


                        What is a Schnitzel? In Austrian cuisine, a Schnitzel is a thinly sliced cutlet coated with bread crumbs & cooked until golden brown. All Schnitzels for lunch & dinner are served with Vienna salad, a side of your choice, & German bread & herb butter.

                        • Jäger Schnitzel

                          Sautéed breaded schnitzel covered with a sherried mushroom demi-glace sauce.

                          • Pork (lunch)$12.95
                          • Pork (dinner)$21.95
                          • Veal (lunch)$17.95
                          • Veal (dinner)$29.95
                          • Chicken (lunch)$12.95
                          • Chicken (dinner)$21.95
                        • Rahm Schnitzel

                          Sautéed breaded schnitzel topped with Ratskeller sour cream sauce.

                          • Pork (lunch)$12.95
                          • Pork (dinner)$21.95
                          • Veal (lunch)$17.95
                          • Veal (dinner)$29.95
                          • Chicken (lunch)$12.95
                          • Chicken (dinner)$21.95
                        • Matterhorn Schnitzel

                          Sautéed schnitzel topped with Müenster cheese, mushroom & fried onion.

                          • Pork (lunch)$12.95
                          • Pork (dinner)$21.95
                          • Veal (lunch)$17.95
                          • Veal (dinner)$29.95
                          • Chicken (lunch)$12.95
                          • Chicken (dinner)$21.95
                        • Wiener Schnitzel

                          Sautéed breaded schnitzel served with paprika lemon slices.

                          • Pork (lunch)$12.95
                          • Pork (dinner)$21.95
                          • Veal (lunch)$17.95
                          • Veal (dinner)$29.95
                          • Chicken (lunch)$12.95
                          • Chicken (dinner)$12.95
                        • Blauer Engel (Blue Angel) Schnitzel

                          Sautéed breaded schnitzel topped with Black Forest ham & melted Müenster cheese.

                          • Pork (lunch)$12.95
                          • Pork (dinner)$21.95
                          • Veal (lunch)$17.95
                          • Veal (dinner)$29.95
                          • Chicken (lunch)$12.95
                          • Chicken (dinner)$21.95
                        • Zigeuner (Gypsy) Schnitzel

                          Sautéed breaded schnitzel topped with fried peppers & onions.

                          • Pork (lunch)$12.95
                          • Pork (dinner)$21.95
                          • Veal (lunch)$17.95
                          • Veal (dinner)$29.95
                          • Chicken (lunch)$12.95
                          • Chicken (dinner)$21.95

                        Bavarian Bratwurst

                        Discount tickets are not good for Sausage Platters. Burgermeister Platter (choice of one Brat $12.95, with each additional Brat $5.95). Authentic traditional Bavarian Bratwurst made in-house. We use only first-cut pork & special spices to make all 4 flavors. Served with German bread & herb butter, German potato salad & sauerkraut.

                        • Traditional German Bratwurst$12.95

                          It's our best seller, & if it's your first time, this might be where to start.

                          • Käse Bratwurst (Cheddar Cheese Sausage)$12.95

                            Wonderful Sharp Cheddar is added to this lean pork sausage to satisfy the pork & cheese lover.

                            • Feuer Bratwurst$12.95

                              Spiced all-pork sausage - VERY HOT!

                              • Knoblauch Bratwurst (Garlic Sausage)$12.95

                                A scrumptious spicy lean pork sausage, with fine herbs & fresh garlic.

                                Ask about our specials!

                                • Specials are market price

                                  Specials are served with Vienna salad, a side of your choice, & bread & herb butter.

                                  • Market Price

                                Lunch - Sandwiches

                                Noon to 4. Lunch portions of most dinner entrees are available. All sandwiches served with German potato salad & cole slaw.

                                • German Deli Pastrami, Piled High$9.00

                                  • German Deli Pastrami Reuben$10.50

                                    • Münchner Bavarian Famous Weisswurst [veal/pork sausage]$10.00

                                      • Bavarian Schnitzel on Kaiser Roll$9.00

                                        • Matterhorn Schnitzel on Kaiser Roll$10.50

                                          • German Fried Bologna on a Kaiser Roll$8.00

                                            Kinder Speisekarte / Children

                                            Under 10 - dinner menu.

                                            • Choice of Wiener Schnitzel or hand-breaded Chicken Strips$8.00

                                              Served with Bavarian fried potatoes.

                                              • Ham & Cheese Melt$6.00

                                                Served with Bavarian Fried Potatoes

                                                Strudel & Dessert

                                                Ask your server about additional dessert options.

                                                • Strudel$5.50

                                                  Filo dough wrapped around apples, and baked with a cinnamon sugar crust.

                                                  • Schwarzwälder Kirsch - Heibe Eisbombe$6.50

                                                    A Bavarian style sundae, with Black Forest chocolate cake, black cherry ice cream, cherry syrup & whipped cream.

                                                    • Bavarian Cream Puffs$5.50

                                                      A pastry shell injected with a cool, sweet cream, and drizzled with raspberry melba sauce.

                                                      • Choose Black Cherry or Vanilla Ice Cream$3.00

                                                        WEIN LISTE - WHITE

                                                        • Carl Graff (mosel)

                                                          light apple, fruity tasting

                                                          • glass$8.00
                                                          • bottle$30.00
                                                        • Saarstein Riesling

                                                          various melons, delicate sweetness.

                                                          • glass$10.00
                                                          • bottle$38.00
                                                        • Stemmari Pinot Grigio

                                                          dry with sweet fruit & slight nut influence.

                                                          • glass$6.50
                                                          • bottle$24.00
                                                        • Silvaner Castell

                                                          crisp dry wine with hints of fruit & nuts.

                                                          • glass$10.00
                                                          • bottle$38.00
                                                        • Valkenberg Madonna Riesling Kabinett

                                                          florel bouquet, fruity hint of effervescence

                                                          • glass$7.50
                                                          • bottle$28.00
                                                        • Valkenberg Gewuerztraminer

                                                          medium bodied ripe peach & litchi.

                                                          • glass$9.00
                                                          • bottle$34.00
                                                        • Whitehaven Sauvignon Blanc

                                                          Vibrant acidity, intense fruit flavors, dry finish.

                                                          • glass$10.50
                                                          • bottle$40.00
                                                        • J Vineyards Pinot Gris

                                                          Flavors of melon, papaya & pineapple, coupled w/juicy, mouth-cleansing acidity.

                                                          • glass$9.50
                                                          • bottle$36.00
                                                        • Simi Sonoma Chardonnay

                                                          oak flavoured with slight nut & pears.

                                                          • bottle$35.00
                                                        • Bailly LaPierre Cremant Rose

                                                          Dry, delicious bubbly

                                                          • bottle$36.00
                                                        • St. Bris Chablisienne Sauvignon Blanc

                                                          Mineral driven, loaded with citrusy, tarty flavor

                                                          • glass$9.00
                                                          • bottle$34.00
                                                        • Bogle Chardonnay

                                                          Fresh fruit with touch of oak, vanilla & nutmeg

                                                          • glass$7.00
                                                          • bottle$26.00

                                                        WEIN LISTE - RED

                                                        • lagaria Merlot

                                                          Elegant, with flavors redolent of raspberry, cherry, & blackberry

                                                          • glass$7.50
                                                          • bottle$28.00
                                                        • Hahn Merlot

                                                          very bold, well bodied.

                                                          • glass$9.00
                                                          • bottle$34.00
                                                        • Hahn Cabernet Sauvignon

                                                          dry with raspberry & wild berries.

                                                          • glass$9.00
                                                          • bottle$34.00
                                                        • Mezzacorona Pinot Noir

                                                          ripe red fruit with a bit of oak.

                                                          • glass$7.00
                                                          • bottle$26.00
                                                        • Leo Pinot Noir

                                                          rich yet medium bodied with dark berries.

                                                          • bottle$40.00


                                                        • Bavarian Hot Toddy$9.50

                                                          hot black tea with lemon wedge & German honey liqueur.

                                                          • Asbach Jubilee Coffee$8.95

                                                            fresh brewed brandy topped with schlag (whipped cream).

                                                            • Gala Mocha Mint Coffee$8.95

                                                              peppermint schnapps topped with schlag (whipped cream).

                                                              • Honey Coffee Supreme$8.95

                                                                coffee honey liquor topped with schlag (whipped cream).

                                                                • Champagne Cocktail$7.00

                                                                  GERMAN BIERS ON TAP

                                                                  • Oktoberfest

                                                                    Amber, honey flavor

                                                                    • Half Liter$7.00
                                                                    • Full Liter$14.00
                                                                  • Pilsner


                                                                    • Half Liter$6.50
                                                                    • Full Liter$13.00
                                                                  • Hefeweisen

                                                                    Wheat bier

                                                                    • Half Liter$7.00
                                                                    • Full Liter$14.00
                                                                  • Dunkel

                                                                    Dark, rich, creamy lager

                                                                    • Half Liter$6.50
                                                                    • Full Liter$13.00
                                                                  • Optimator

                                                                    Doppelbock, high gravity

                                                                    • Half Liter$7.00
                                                                    • Full Liter$14.00
                                                                  • Lager or Stout

                                                                    [we alternate on this tap]

                                                                    • Half Liter$7.00
                                                                    • Half Liter$14.00

                                                                  ASK ABOUT OUR GERMAN BIERS - BY THE BOTTLE

                                                                    GERMAN WIESSE BEIRS WITH SOMETHING ADDED

                                                                    • Berliner Wiesse

                                                                      Weiss Bier made with raspberry syrup.

                                                                      • Half Liter$8.00
                                                                      • Full Liter$16.00
                                                                    • Spezi

                                                                      Weisse Bier made with cola.

                                                                      • Half Liter$8.00
                                                                      • Full Liter$16.00
                                                                    • Radler

                                                                      Weisse Bier made with lemonade.

                                                                      • Half Liter$8.00
                                                                      • Full Liter$16.00

                                                                    BY THE POUND, PINT, OR LINK

                                                                    • Bavarian House Dressing

                                                                      • Pint$7.95
                                                                    • Sides

                                                                      Potato Salad, coleslaw, red cabbage, sauerkraut

                                                                      • Pint$6.50
                                                                    • Landjagger

                                                                      Smoked, spicy sausage

                                                                      • Link$4.75
                                                                    • Bratwurst

                                                                      Choice of Traditional, Garlic, Cheese, Fire (approx. 3 per pound)

                                                                      • Pound$9.99
                                                                    • Housemade Mustard

                                                                      • Pint$7.95

                                                                    For menu edits, please contact SinglePlatform at (866) 237-4564.

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                                                                    Not available on OpenTable

                                                                    Unfortunately, this restaurant is not on the OpenTable reservation network

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