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Shoot! Unfortunately Crave Farm to Plate has come and gone, but don't let that stop you from dining at one of these great OpenTable restaurants. Just check out 8 Columbus restaurants on our website or mobile app to book a table. Happy Dining.

8 Restaurants with Farm to Plate offers

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photo of z cucina di spirito restaurant
89% 89% Recommend
Italian Grandview Heights
photo of g. michael's bistro & bar restaurant
95% 95% Recommend
Contemporary American German Village
photo of latitude 41 restaurant
Very Good
85% 85% Recommend
American Columbus
photo of the refectory restaurant & bistro restaurant
99% 99% Recommend
Contemporary French / American Upper Arlington
photo of nicola restaurant and bar restaurant
92% 92% Recommend
Italian Upper Arlington
photo of tucci's restaurant
94% 94% Recommend
Steakhouse Dublin
photo of polaris grill restaurant
92% 92% Recommend
American Polaris
photo of 1808 american bistro restaurant
85% 85% Recommend
American Delaware
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*Note: Not all restaurants on are participating in Farm to Plate Restaurant Week. See list below for participating restaurants that are accepting online reservations. Prices are per person and do not include beverage, tax or gratuity.