13 restaurants available nearby

Spezia - Steaks, Italian & Seafood1. Spezia - Steaks, Italian & Seafood0.35 mi
(514 reviews)
Italian | Sioux Falls,

"superb...great restaurant--excellent food-good value"See more

Red Lobster - Sioux Falls2. Red Lobster - Sioux Falls1.18 mi
(8 reviews)
Seafood | Sioux Falls,

"Great service, great food!"See more

Turks & Caicos Cabana Grille3. Turks & Caicos Cabana Grille1.22 mi
(125 reviews)
Caribbean | Sioux Falls,

"Delicious seafood, atmosphere reminded us of our Caribbean vacations. Was a long wait to order and for food so give plenty of time to eat here but enjoy the mini vacation and don’t worry about the time. We truly enjoyed it!"See more

22TEN Kitchen Cocktails4. 22TEN Kitchen Cocktails1.24 mi
(102 reviews)
American | Sioux Falls,

"Becoming a local favorite! Always great service and wonderful food."See more

Granite City Food & Brewery - Sioux Falls5. Granite City Food & Brewery - Sioux Falls1.71 mi
(122 reviews)
American | Sioux Falls,

"Quick to be seated, attentive server, great food!"See more

Shahi Palace6. Shahi Palace1.75 mi
(12 reviews)
Indian | Sioux Falls,

"This place never disappoints. They always give great food recommendations."See more

Morrie's Steakhouse7. Morrie's Steakhouse1.81 mi
(476 reviews)
Steakhouse | Sioux Falls,

"As always...fabulous steak. Had an 8 oz sirloin this time. Exceptional with the au poivre sauce and frites. Same great choice of wines...I always go with Oregon Pinot Noir"See more

Minerva's - Sioux Falls8. Minerva's - Sioux Falls4.01 mi
(1068 reviews)
American | Sioux Falls,

"Quiet, pretty decent menu selection, great salad, delicious steak, wonderful key lime pie, great craft ale."See more

Parker's Bistro9. Parker's Bistro4.03 mi
(435 reviews)
American | Sioux Falls,

"Everything was delicious, a variety of good food choices and excellent, friendly service"See more

Crawford's Bar & Grill10. Crawford's Bar & Grill4.06 mi
(218 reviews)
American | Sioux Falls,

"Great food and atmosphere! Always enjoy dining at Crawfords!"See more