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Matisse Restaurante - Condesa1. Matisse Restaurante - Condesa0.17 mi
(28 reviews)
European | Condesa / Roma,

"We have eAten here a few times. The food is always special. Their most amazing cold borscht with warm semi mashed potatoes might be one of the best things I have ever eaten. The service is always impeccable. The rooms with the Matisse paintings are beautiful."See more

Maximo Bistrot2. Maximo Bistrot0.24 mi
(349 reviews)
French | Condesa / Roma,

"I sat outside and had a the tasting menu with wine pairings. It's the best meal I've had in a long time. Oscar was my server and he was great at his job."See more

Nonna - Condesa3. Nonna - Condesa0.25 mi
(54 reviews)
Italian | Condesa / Roma,

"Great food and service. I love seating in patios and on Sundays the patio is family-friendly and non-smoking, which is great. Unfortunately, so many people selling things pass by offering things or ask for money and interrupt the meal, that it is bothersome. In addition, the patio is dog-friendly, and I love dogs and have one of my own, but while eating we had the 2 dogs from the table beside us come up to our table constantly and some of the dogs were constantly barking or yapping at other dogs and can get quite noisy. That was the only downside."See more

Casa Virginia4. Casa Virginia0.3 mi
(152 reviews)
Comfort Food | Condesa / Roma,

"Great service, they were very acommodating and gave us a private room as I was celebrating my birthday."See more

Merkavá5. Merkavá0.34 mi
(95 reviews)
Middle Eastern | Condesa / Roma,

"It an amazing place that combines the middle east food in one creative experience. The quality of the ingredients is amazing(imported) and the chef loves what he does."See more

Mit - Condesa6. Mit - Condesa0.35 mi
(22 reviews)
Steakhouse | Condesa / Roma,

"Good option for meat lovers"See more

Broka7. Broka0.35 mi
(117 reviews)
Mexican | Condesa / Roma,

"Wonderful dinner, wonderful wine and food. We took a newborn cat with us so she slept through the whole dinner thought the restaurant's volume was kind of loud."See more

MeroToro8. MeroToro0.39 mi
(43 reviews)
Mexican | Condesa / Roma,

"Awesome. Food excellent, service outstanding."See more

Cabrera 79. Cabrera 70.45 mi
(50 reviews)
Traditional Mexican | Condesa / Roma,

"The ambiance and the food were just amazing. The cocktails were delicious and unique. Service was excellent"See more

PEHÜA10. PEHÜA0.46 mi
(132 reviews)
Mexican | Condesa / Roma,

"This restaurant was great! I have done quite a few tasting menus in Mexico City, and this was one of my favorites. I was there with a friend who is vegetarian, she only eats fish. It's generally hard to find vegetarian-friendly menus in Mexico, but this one was great (the meat was also great). We were full by the end, but not so full that we were uncomfortable. We decided to order a bottle of wine instead of going with the "maridaje" - wine pairing. They had a great selection of wines, we ended up drinking a Mexican Cabernet blend that went well with the food. Would definitely go back! Fresh delicious food, and good price for what we got."See more

Kura11. Kura0.46 mi
(154 reviews)
Japanese | Condesa / Roma,

"Excellent food and service. Always 5/5!"See more

La Tecla - Roma12. La Tecla - Roma0.49 mi
(16 reviews)
Mexican | Condesa / Roma,

"Absolutely loved La Tecla. Had an amazing experience there with friends. The service was speedy, everyone was so nice, and the owner was ever the host. I would definitely go again if I'm back in Mexico City."See more

Palmares Azotea13. Palmares Azotea0.52 mi
(98 reviews)
International | Condesa / Roma,

"Great rooftop location and nicely decorated. Good place to order several dishes to share. Gets loud and really smokey though."See more

Bowie14. Bowie0.54 mi
(154 reviews)
International | Condesa / Roma,

"The food was good, however was only breakfast so limited menu.. The service was good however slow."See more

Nueve Nueve Bistro Mexicano15. Nueve Nueve Bistro Mexicano0.55 mi
(197 reviews)
Contemporary Mexican | Condesa / Roma,

"Beautiful atmosphere , great service and delicious food. Just be careful not to order too many appetizers . The appetizers are quite filling. Save some room for your entrée."See more

Rosetta16. Rosetta0.58 mi
(505 reviews)
Mediterranean | Condesa / Roma,

"Very helpful staff, beautiful dining room, delicious food, great location."See more

Lampuga - Condesa17. Lampuga - Condesa0.58 mi
(62 reviews)
Seafood | Condesa / Roma,

"Lampuga is a great spot in the Condesa. It serves high quality seafood in a crisp, clean atmosphere. The staff is very friendly and helpful."See more

Mía Domenicca18. Mía Domenicca0.6 mi
(121 reviews)
Mediterranean | Condesa / Roma,

"Excelent food and good value. interesting proposal from the chef. Was family friendly for Saturday lunch."See more

Campobaja19. Campobaja0.65 mi
(9 reviews)
Regional Mexican | Condesa / Roma,

"We are three tourists from Australia, and were so well looked after by the Main Chef. He provided us with a whole range of both fresh and cooked dishes, made with traditional/local ingredients. He was extremely friendly, and explained each dish to us - and even gave us further recommendations for our time in Mexico. The food was incredible - we enjoyed every dish (try the the ceviche!) so we will definitely recommend this place to all our friends - really enjoyed our time there!"See more

Fonda Garufa20. Fonda Garufa0.65 mi
(39 reviews)
International | Condesa / Roma,

"Salads and valet parking are too expensive. At least salads should be bigger"See more

La Vineria21. La Vineria0.67 mi
(10 reviews)
International | Condesa / Roma,

"The food was great, and really well priced. Steak Tartare and the milanesa were delicious. Nice wine list. The service was great - I definitely recommend it!"See more

Sartoria22. Sartoria0.68 mi
(124 reviews)
Italian | Condesa / Roma,

"A winner! food and service are great, nice interior design and great meal."See more

Gardela23. Gardela0.73 mi
(20 reviews)
Argentinean | Condesa / Roma,

"Incredible food. We had 3 kinds of meat, pizzas and salads. Everything was incredible."See more

Dulcinea Cocina Urbana - Roma24. Dulcinea Cocina Urbana - Roma0.77 mi
(59 reviews)
Mexican | Condesa / Roma,

"Food was great, service was ok, a bit too expensive for my taste. The place is gorgeous"See more

Lucas Local25. Lucas Local0.77 mi
(41 reviews)
International | Condesa / Roma,

"A new local gem in La Roma that is sure to get popular fat. Loved everything about it."See more

Lardo26. Lardo0.78 mi
(118 reviews)
Mediterranean | Condesa / Roma,

"My mother and I see visiting from Florida and we're looking for a great value and local flavor. Lardo is a perfect neighborhood find that offers great service. Would recommend for small groups and dates!"See more

Restaurante ALMARA27. Restaurante ALMARA0.86 mi
(12 reviews)
Mediterranean | Zona Rosa / Cuauhtemoc,

"Excellent service, nice ambiance, and phenomenal food. The carpaccio and tuna tartare were a local twist on common dish. The suckling pig was not what I expected (pork belly in the US), but still savory and flavorful. The beef tenderloin tasted as if it had been procured that day."See more

Bellopuerto - Florencia28. Bellopuerto - Florencia0.86 mi
(8 reviews)
Seafood | Zona Rosa / Cuauhtemoc,

"We loved it. As we were being welcomed by the server, she said "you booked via OpenTable, that gets you a round of drinks on the house and a complementary appetizer". I tried the shrimp tostada and the tuétanos tacos. It was great!"See more

Kaye29. Kaye0.89 mi
(81 reviews)
Global, International | Condesa / Roma,

"The service is amazing! The food is great and the location is good"See more

Havre 7730. Havre 770.89 mi
(126 reviews)
French | Juárez,

"wonderful meal, service, and atmosphere. Great experience!"See more

KYO31. KYO0.89 mi
(27 reviews)
Japanese | Zona Rosa / Cuauhtemoc,

"Excellent experience. Had the omakase B with many well prepared sashimis and nigiris, plus a set of hot soups. Not cheap but worth the experience"See more

Zanaya32. Zanaya0.9 mi
(45 reviews)
Regional Mexican | Juárez,

"Went here while visiting Mexico City from LA. Was very happy with the quality of the food and the attentive service. I especially enjoyed the lamb tacos and the tortilla soup."See more

IL Becco33. IL Becco0.9 mi
(19 reviews)
Italian | Zona Rosa / Cuauhtemoc,

"Very good experience. Service a bit formal but effective. Food great, atmosphere comfortable, quiet, elegant."See more

Cantina La No. 20 - El Angel34. Cantina La No. 20 - El Angel0.91 mi
(35 reviews)
Mexican | Zona Rosa / Cuauhtemoc,

"This restaurant has an excellent service, food and mexican music groups."See more

J&G Grill - St. Regis Mexico City35. J&G Grill - St. Regis Mexico City1 mi
(51 reviews)
Contemporary American | Zona Rosa / Cuauhtemoc,

"Great place, great time, definitely a must to visit when you go to Mexico City"See more