Save a spot, stop the spread

As we all work to stop the spread of coronavirus, every contact counts and many stores are limiting the number of people who can enter at one time. That’s why OpenTable has teamed up with participating stores to help you avoid the resulting physical lines and limit contact in two ways:1. Reserved shopping times—just like reserving a table at a restaurant, you can reserve a time to enter a store.2. Online waitlists—instead of a physical line to get into a store, use your phone to join an online waitlist and wait away from any crowds.Reserved shopping times are rolling out. They’ll be coming to stores near you soon.Food and community are as important as ever. Let’s work together to keep them both safe.

Mobile phone with stars
Mobile phone with stars

At a store with an online waitlist?

Enter the store’s code—it should be displayed at the entrance—to be added to the list. You’ll be sent a text message when it’s your turn to shop.

Manage your shopping times with our app

Download the OpenTable app to your phone or tablet.

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Offer reserved times at your business

If you’re a business owner, you can now use OpenTable to let people reserve times to shop or enter your business.