Trivia Tuesdays: Follow @OpenTable_ATL and @OpenTable_Chi to Earn Free Meals

If you’re an OpenTable diner who lives or dines in Atlanta or Chicago, follow our local Twitter handles — @OpenTable_ATL and @OpenTable_Chi — for news on new restaurants, dining deals and discounts, and for a chance to earn free meals even faster. No, we’re not talking about 1,000-point reservations (although those help)! Next week, we’re kicking off Twitter Trivia Tuesdays on these local handles. If you’re a registered OpenTable diner who answers our trivia tweet correctly, you may find your OpenTable account 500 Dining Rewards Points richer.

Because OpenTable is all about dining out, trivia questions will be related to chefs, food, and restaurants (with a dash of pop culture). So, start following @OpenTable_ATL and @OpenTable_Chi to be part of our inaugural Twitter Trivia Tuesday a week from today — and be sure to join in the fun every week.