Why You Should Work in Restaurants — and How to Land a Job

Recent data shows that the restaurant industry is still 1 million jobs below where it would have been before the pandemic. That’s why leading job site Indeed and OpenTable have teamed up to launch Interview Days: Restaurant Jobs.

This month-long U.S. hiring initiative starts October 1 and aims to accelerate the recovery of the food and beverage industry by providing free hiring tools to help businesses and restaurateurs source, screen, and host interviews. A new dedicated portal empowers job seekers to discover open positions and access resources to help them succeed in their job search and in the restaurant industry.

For job seekers:

For restaurants:

The restaurant industry, which has been one of the hardest hit by the pandemic, continues to struggle as the Delta variant stalls its recovery. Yet diners remain eager to dine out — OpenTable’s State of the Industry dashboard shows diner volume as high as 30 percent above 2019 levels in September — and along with it so has the urgency to staff up to help with diner demand. Data from Indeed shows job postings for food preparation and service roles have increased by 39 percent in the U.S. since February 2020. 

As a part of Interview Days: Restaurant Jobs, participating employers gain access to Indeed’s free suite of hiring tools to manage the end-to-end hiring process, from job postings through interviews all on Indeed, with no additional software. This enables them to accelerate hiring, since those who conduct interviews on Indeed are able to hire 20 percent faster than in-person interviews or virtual interviews on third party apps. 

To further help restaurants staff up, OpenTable created a robust guide with tips, checklists and job posting templates that offer guidance on how to hire and retain talent. Additionally, OpenTable is offering free training and certification for all hosts and managers to quickly onboard in their new role. And stay tuned to OpenTable’s Instagram for weekly spotlights of hot jobs and testimonials from industry leaders on why they love working in hospitality.

Participating employers who successfully hire during the initiative will also receive a $200 Sponsored Jobs credit from Indeed.