3 reasons to try Jordan Kahn’s casual new lounge at Meteora in LA

LA’s Tulum-inspired Meteora has an exciting new lounge. Photo credit: Meteora

The next time you’re on busy Melrose and need an escape—and a bite to eat!— look no further than Meteora. Chef Jordan Kahn (of Vespertine fame) recently unveiled a new lounge that’s a casual counterpart to the restaurant’s highly creative, multi-sensory dining experience.

The new space is “inspired by a cozy living room gathering,” Kahn says. “Our primary intention is focused on relaxation and comfort.” Read on for why you should make this casual spot your next pit stop. 

1. Not-your-average bar snacks

A bone marrow dish with a red sauce at Los Angeles restaurant Meteora

Bone marrow on sweet potato flatbread is one of the highlights of the lounge menu. Photo credit: Meteora

Kahn describes the bar menu as “small vignettes… a more relaxed entry point to our creative cuisine.” That means captivating dishes like grilled oysters with flaming beef fat and spiced tomato jam that’s made using an ancient cooking tool called flambadou (a large cast-iron cone that catches the beef fat and drips it over the oysters). There’s also naturally fermented and grilled sweet potato flatbread that’s ideal for dipping in roasted bone marrow or sweet crab rice made in a clay pot.

2. Cocktails two ways

An orange cocktail with a flower petal garnish at Los Angeles restaurant Meteora

The Desert Mango is a new tropical cocktail with mango nectar and pisco. Photo credit: Meteora

Whether you’re in the mood for a classic with a twist or something entirely new, Meteora’s cocktail lounge has you covered. The Desert Mango, an arresting mango nectar, rum, and pisco cocktail, stands out among the signature cocktails. Meanwhile, drinks like the herby Amazona gin and tonic with some passion fruit-like granadilla fruit make up the timeless selections list.

3. A lush oasis continued

The new cocktail lounge at Los Angeles restaurant Meteora with rattan bar stools and a wooden counter with tea lights on it

The new lounge evokes the same botanical themes of the main dining room, both designed by Roth Architecture. Photo credit: Meteora

The new lounge reinforces the lush, oasis-like feeling of the rest of the restaurant. All of the materials in the lounge—rattan bar stools, a wood-topped bar sculpted by Kahn, and a ceiling sculpture of partially dehydrated vines handmade by Mayan artisans—are natural and sustainable with no plastic used throughout the space. “We really wanted it to feel earthy and have that juxtaposition of coming off Melrose,” says Zara Ziyae, Meteora’s marketing director. “It’s a hideaway.”

The lounge is open Wednesday to Sunday from 5:30 pm to 11:00 pm, and Sunday from 10 am to 2 pm.

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Karen Palmer is a pizza- and pasta-obsessed food writer based in Los Angeles. Follow her on Instagram at @karenlpalmer.