An Ordering Guide to Atlanta’s Best Takeout

Credit: White Oak Kitchen & Cocktails
Fried chicken on a plate

While there are still many uncertainties about the future of restaurants, one concrete way to support those you love is to order takeout. And with many dishes previously reserved for the city’s top dining rooms suddenly available to bring to your kitchen table, takeout has never been more tempting.

Whether you choose to sustain a classic by bringing home surf and turf from Ray’s in the City, or support a relative newcomer by digging into dumplings from Ruby Chow’s, you can feel good knowing that you’re helping out a local business.

Here are some of Atlanta’s best dishes to bring home right now, all available through Takeout on OpenTable.

Downtown Atlanta

Fried chicken from White Oak Kitchen & Cocktails

The restaurant: It’s always risky to experiment with classic Southern dishes — both the region’s culinary traditions and opinions about them are deeply held and widely varied. White Oak Kitchen & Cocktails understands this, cooking “contemporary Southern” cuisine that uses classic ingredients and implements subtle twists. Now, items like Georgia shrimp and bacon-braised collard greens are available to bring home for both lunch and dinner. 

The dish: In a city with no shortage of fried chicken, putting it on a menu is an act of confidence. White Oak has created a version that will please modernists and traditionalists: The straightforward fried chicken is embellished with house-smoked bacon, lady peas, herb-roasted sweet potato, and pepper jelly for an unexpected kick.

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The chilled seafood tower from Ray’s in the City

The restaurant: Ray’s has been a downtown fine dining destination for decades, known for hand-cut steaks, fresh seafood, and one of the city’s best jazz lounges. Now the restaurant’s extensive to-go menu lets you bring home dishes from one of Atlanta’s quintessential establishments for evenings that call for something extra-fancy.

The dish: When there’s a special occasion on the calendar, order the chilled seafood tower. Featuring Maine lobster, freshly shucked cold water oysters, king crab legs, colossal shrimp cocktail, and jumbo lump crab meat salad, it’s an exceptional appetizer for exceptional days.

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Old Fourth Ward

Enchiladas topped with cheese and avocado
Credit: Two Urban Licks

Smoked mushroom enchiladas from Two Urban Licks

The restaurant: When you are missing nights out but want to stay in, order from Two Urban Licks. The restaurant’s lively atmosphere translates to its takeout menu of playful gastropub food that draws from a variety of cuisines, such as pork belly egg rolls and crab cakes served with salsa verde.

The dish: In this hearty vegetarian main, smoked mushrooms take the place of meat and are smothered in Guajillo chili sauce, spinach, and Monterey Jack cheese. Topped with avocado and red onion, it’s a plant-based meal masquerading as bar food.

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General Tso’s vegetarian from Ruby Chow’s

The restaurant: When critically acclaimed chef Guy Wong’s opened Ruby Chow’s in early 2020, he was met with excitement by fans of his former restaurants, where he gained a reputation for combining Asian ingredients in idiosyncratic ways. With the new takeout menu, you can bring home both classics like spicy wontons and creative mains like the Vietnamese-influenced lemongrass pork chops.

The dish: Ruby Chow’s modern preparation of the ubiquitous General Tso’s utilizes plant-based “chicken” as a vegetarian stand-in for the traditional fried nuggets. Covered in sweet and spicy soy sauce and served with a side of steamed rice, it’s a delicious preview of what the next generation of Chinese takeout is becoming.

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West Midtown

A man holds a pizza and a six pack of beer.
Credit: Bold Monk Brewing Co.
The 1850 pizza and a six-pack of beer from Bold Monk Brewing Co.

The restaurant: Bold Monk represents the next generation of brewpubs, operating as both a production brewery and a refined, full service restaurant. With a takeout menu that includes food, cocktails, and beers, the brewery’s to-go offerings appeal to both beer geeks and those simply looking for an upgraded dinner at home.

The dish: There are few flavor combinations more satisfying than the trio of sweet, spicy, and smoky. The 1850 pizza offers all three, mixing smoked bacon, brussels sprouts, grilled onion, mozzarella, and spicy honey. To round out the order, tack on a six-pack of one of the brewery’s beers.

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Inman Park

Dinner for two from Il Localino

The restaurant: In contrast to its eclectic decorations — bright paper lanterns line the ceiling from end to end — Il Localino’s menu is full of classic, comforting red sauce dishes. The takeout menu includes many of the stand-bys like eggplant parmigiana and rigatoni bolognese, meaning the only thing you’ll be missing at home is the restaurant’s disco-heavy soundtrack.

The dish: Bring home a four-course feast full of Il Localino favorites. The $60 package includes an appetizer, Caprese salad, mixed green salad, your choice of two entrées, and two desserts: ricotta cheesecake and flourless chocolate cake.

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