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Minneapolis - St. Paul Indian Restaurants
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Paradise Biryani Pointe - Fridley
Indian | Fridley
2 reviews

Unique Cuisine of India! Customer service is very important to us, come and visit us soon!

Bukhara Indian Bistro
Indian | Minnetonka
20 reviews

Before the British occupation of South Asia, the predominant force that ruled a majority of the continent was the Mughal empire, which originated in Ferghana (modern day Uzbekistan). The cultural and religious capital of this empire lay in Bukhara due to the established silk trade routes from the Far East to the Mediterranean. This Indo-Islamic power had control over most of Asia and the city of Bukhara was the melting pot for all these cultures and their cuisines. As this great power vanished, so did much of its culinary inventions, but some aspects of this style survived in Northern India which have since come to be known as 'Mughlai Khanna' (food of the Mughals). Today we carry this ancient tradition of culinary excellence at Bukhara Indian Bistro under the supervision of the first chef to bring North Indian food to Minneapolis and of one of the best North Indian culinary arts master in the Midwest Chef Joginder Cheema

Collage Global Cafe
International | Maple Grove
2 reviews

Our menu is set to entice you with the experience of fresh foods and dishes inspired by the rich culinary heritages of the world.

Using ingredients grown in Minnesota and combining them with special tastes and flavors of the world, Kavita has designed an exceptional summer menu with food that is good for you and unbelievably exciting to eat. Our menu places a special emphasis on wholesome, fresh and local ingredients, so that you can experience real good taste.

Kavita has designed the interiors to be a serene setting which we hope will give you a respite from your busy day. The hanging floating lamps are by the American industrial designer George Nelson, one of the founders of American Modernism and his work is in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. You will find hints of art from the world over with the fun orange chairs in the American "MiMO" style of Miami