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Indian | Little Tokyo
74 reviews

BADMAASH is an indian gastropub in DTLA.

Tamarind of London
Indian | Newport Beach
69 reviews

Tamarind of London is the sister to Tamarind restaurant in Great Britain, which has received the Michelin star for each of the past 12 years. The restaurant is guided by a philosophy that seeks to blend cultural authenticity with mainstream accessibility.
The kitchen team is being lead by Alfred Prasad, whose 12-year Michelin Star legacy at Tamarind in the UK has set the standard for elevated Indian dining experience.
The menu includes food from the varied regions of India, highlighting the flavors and techniques that make each region unique.
The restaurant includes an airy bar and patio, serving a full range of hand-crafted creative cocktails and an innovative lunch menu highlighting the signature "Naanwich."

Clay Oven Cuisine of India
Indian | Irvine
31 reviews

A meal at The Clay Oven is destined to change the way guests think of Indian dining. Taking inspiration from the regional cuisines of India, The Clay Oven offers a selection of seafood, poultry, meats and vegetables. This jewel-like restaurant has a welcoming glow reflected by the soft contours of the walls, eclectic artwork, and candlelit tables. The delicious aromas wafting through the interior prepare diners for a "traditional modern" Indian dining experience. Owners Geeta and Praveen Bansal have been serving loyal guests for over 25 years, tickling their palates with dishes like Pumpkin Tamarind soup, Pomegranate Glazed Quail and Nilgiri Scallops. The menu is always evolving, changing with the seasons and comparable to cuisine offered at fine dining restaurants in Delhi, Bombay and Bangalore. The Clay Oven is a local favorite and, at the same time, a trendsetter for fine Indian dining in Southern California.

Sitar Indian Cuisine Pasadena
Indian | Pasadena
5 reviews

Since we opened our doors, our goal has been to offer a traditional Indian experience with a modern touch. We use only the finest ingredients in our cooking, from the fresh vegetables to the the finest meats for all our dishes. A majority of our recipes have been passed down from generation to generation and still offer that same authentic and classical taste from the routes of their inception.

Sitar is also a one stop shop for your world winded palate! We offer Italian, Chinese, Thai, Mexican, Mediterranean/European and South Asian dishes as well for our banquet menu.

Royal Khyber - OC
Indian | Santa Ana
22 reviews

The Royal Khyber............A Journey for your palate and mind. The art of Indian cookery lies NOT in high spicing but in the delicacy of spicing. Indian cuisine is universally known for its distinctive flavorings. It was in fact the lure of these spices which first brought the British and the French, the Dutch and the Portuguese to the Indian coast. It is the use of selected spices in a particular manner (whole spices, ground and or spice blends) to bring out the dormant flavors of a dish, which is the real art, practiced by the experienced chefs in the Royal Khyber kitchen.

Royal Khyber is a Fine Indian Cuisine Restaurant, located in South Coast Plaza Village (across from Nordstrom).

Tandoori Grill
Indian | Valencia
Reviews coming soon

What is Tandoor? The existence of tandoor has been found in ancient India. It is a cylindrical hand made clay oven in which food is cooked over the charcoal, and that adds a unique aroma to the food. Many of our dishes and breads are prepared in tandoor. We are proudly serving Santa Clarita Valley since 1993 with the finest quality of Indian food. If you have never tried Indian food due to the general belief that it is hot and spicy, come to Tandoori Grill and we will prepare your food according to your taste. It has been proven scientifically that Indian herbs and spices are good for your health. So come and enjoy our delicious, authentic, and healthy tandoori food.

Electric Karma
Indian | Fairfax
11 reviews

In the heart of West Hollywood, California, upscale Indian restaurant Electric Karma is popular with both celebrities and neighborhood locals, who praise the authentic Punjabi cuisine prepared with unconventional flair by owner and chef Paramjit Singh. The management and staff are on a first-name basis with regular customers, creating a warm and friendly atmosphere to match the backdrop of Electric Karma’s romantic, open-air courtyard and candle-lit dining room. At night, films of Indian beauty Ashwariya Rai and other Bollywood stars are projected silently above the main dining room to the ambient sounds of world or house music, giving the restaurant a Hollywood hipster air. Electric Karma’s heated courtyard is ideal year-round for both intimate, private gatherings and special business occasions. Appetizers include traditional vegetarian samosas seasoned with tamarind and sweet tomato chutney, pakoras fritters, sambar soup and cheese naan with mango chutney.

Azeen's Afghani Restaurant
Afghan | Pasadena
12 reviews

Afghani cuisine is mainly influenced by that of India, Persia, and Mongolia. It draws together spices from India, styles of cooking meat from Persia and noodles from Mongolia. The ingredients are fresh without preservatives. The flavors of Afghanistan include garam, masala, saffron, cinnamon, cloves cardamom, chilies, coriander, black pepper, parsley, dill, and mint. Onion and tomatoes are also important in Afghani cooking. Afghani cuisine is noted for its succulent kabobs. Kabob-e-Gousfand is a lean cut of lamb marinated in a myriad of spices and seasonings, served with bread and seasoned brown rice. The Kabob-e-Murgh for example is a delicious skewer of marinated and charbroiled chicken served on a bed of seasoned brown rice. Other authentic dishes include Quabili Pallaw, lamb covered with brown seasoned basmati rice and topped with chopped carrots and raisins, and Mantu, a pastry shell with onion and beef filling and topped with curried vegetables.

Shalimar Cuisine of India
Indian | Woodland Hills
5 reviews

Serving the valley by the same family since 1983...

At Shalimar, you will experience an array of unique dishes created by chef Salik Miah. With 25 years of experience in gourmet cooking, Chef Miah stands behind all of his creations.

Walking into Shalimar is like walking into a restaurant in India itself. With traditional decor and aromatic scents of Curry and Tandoori radiating throughout. Our kitchen has the finest chefs who use only charcoal in the clay oven to create the authentic taste of traditional Tandoori dishes. Exploring the the many different cultures of India, our chefs creat cuisines from all over India, offering a wide assortment of delicacies.

Welcome and enjoy!

Taj Palace Indian Cuisine
Indian | Pacific Palisades
Reviews coming soon

Located in pleasant Pacific Palisades Village, the family-owned and operated Taj Palace is the only great indian food location in the Palisades and Malibu, serving excellent Indian cuisine, at extremely reasonable prices. You will want to make this one of your favorite spots, hitting it every time you get the urge for the rich flavors of traditional indian dishes.

Indian | Studio City
6 reviews

Since 1984, Gangadin is a restaurant considered by many to be the best Indian Restaurant in Los Angeles. They have been serving excellent and healthy Indian food for over 26 years in the same location. When you enter Gangadin you are in a place where spice, flavor and ambience takes over and delicious food is enjoyed. Gangadin is owned by Manmeet Sahni and his family. Manmeet takes pride in serving home style cooking. Every dish is cooked from scratch with no MSG, preservatives or animal fat added. "We specialize in outstanding, flavorful North Indian cuisine," says Manmeet, "including homemade and exotic curries, fresh baked breads from the hot Tandoor and meats marinated in delicate spices and herbs." Manmeet and the whole family is very active giving free samples and selling fresh sauces every Sunday at the Studio City Farmers Market on Ventura Place right in front of their restaurant.

Bombay Palace - Beverly Hills
Indian | Beverly Hills
7 reviews

At Bombay Palace we have aspired to bring to your table a menu that reflects the cosmopolitan culture and culinary specialties Of Northern India. Serving Indian food in the Beverly Hills area for 24 years.

MT 8848
Contemporary American | Downey
Reviews coming soon

Everyone asks us the meaning of our restaurant. Mt is the abbreviation for Mountain and 8848 is the height (in meters) of the tallest mountain in the world, Mount Everest. The height of the mountain represents the quality of our food, and mountain represents the honest natural ingredients we put into every gourmet dish here at Mt8848. We promise we will always stand by our name with honest food and honest ingredients! Authentic European food with a bit of Himalayan cuisine, like our famous Dumplings (Momos), Royal Dal Bhat, tasty Thundering Chicken, popular Chicken Tikka Masala and our world class desserts!

Kabab Curry of India
Indian | Torrance
Reviews coming soon

Kabab Curry of India is the South Bay's premier Indian restaurant specializing in the Northern Indian cuisine. The quality of service and food has made this place the local favorite for authentic Indian cuisine. We have been serving the South Bay since 1981 and we are going strong with a full menu, representing the rich and ancient cultural roots of India, from delectable curry dishes, flavorful Biryani dishes, Amazing Tandoories and a full range of vegetarian selections. We also have unique wine selections from authentic Indian to California favorites. For that authentic Indian taste please visit us! We are located one block north of PCH near the AMC Theater in the Rolling Hills Plaza.

Bollywood Bites
Indian | Westwood
Reviews coming soon

My desire is to serve the best Indian cuisine to people of America and around the world with ALL FRESH and ALL NATURAL Indian food through ‘BOLLYWOOD BITES’. All Indian spices are very good and have great health benefits. The cure for most of the ailments lies in the Indian spices.Just a little bit of care and attention will help in health benefits. I tried to incorporate my knowledge of spices and years of experience in making healthy, delicious food with my celebrity loved cooking style and has created the ALL NATURAL blend of Indian spices in my “ALL-IN-ONE” CURRY PASTE and SEA FOOD PASTE. My desire to serve all people around the world with my healthy, all natural, flavoured food. Please give honor to BOLLYWOOD BITES to serve you and make your next occasion tastefully memorable.

Salomi Restaurant
Indian | North Hollywood
4 reviews

Salomi Restaurant is the best fine dining you can find in Southern California. The world-class Indian and Bangladeshi restaurant is guaranteed to appeal to those with finer tastes, with a menu that has a collection of dishes that are exquisite, authentic, with distinctive and subtle flavours. The restaurant serves authentic cuisine from major part of India. This reflects by way of combining contrasting flavours such as sweet with bitter, sour with sweet, sweet and spicy and so on.

Great India Cafe - Studio City
Indian | Studio City
2 reviews

GREAT INDIA CAFE serves a variety of savory recipes from India's rich tapestry of cultural and culinary traditions. Each dish dish is meticulously prepared in a authentic Indian home-style. Using only natural spices and ingredients. At Great India Cafe, we never add preservatives or artificial colorings.

Taj Cafe - Ventura
Indian | Ventura
3 reviews

The Taj Cafe is a unique family owned restaurant that prides itself on introducing traditional Village Cuisine and their Indian Culture to their patrons. Their award-winning Chef's come from India & Los Angeles with more than 20 years of experience. The Santa Barbara Independent & Los Angeles Times voited them the highest honor with the title for "Best Indian Restaurant", by L.A. merrill Schindler, and Edmir Dillis. The have also been reviewed several times in Gourmet magazine. Again, we welcome you to enjoy the tastes of India.

Flavor of India - West Hollywood
Indian | West Hollywood
12 reviews

Flavor of India is now in 2 locations. Second locations now open in Burbank Downtown. Flavor of India serves a variety of savory recipes from India's rich tapestry of culture and culinary traditions. Every dish is meticulously prepared in authentic Indian home-style, using only natural spices and ingredients. We never add preservatives or artificial colorings. As a result Flavor of India's many delectable dishes are lean, low in fat and healthy. Flavor of India's is delighted to offer you daily specials which include a chicken curry of the day, a vegetable special. Lentil of the day, and rice of the day... "Flavor of India in West Hollywood goes beyond basic, adding fusion dishes and light snacks. The dining atmosphere is al fresco in the landscaped garden patio." L.A Times

Flavor of India - Burbank
Indian | Burbank
12 reviews

Flavor of India is now in 2 locations - second location now open in downtown Burbank.

Flavor of India serves a variety of savory recipes from India's rich tapestry of culture and culinary traditions. Every dish is meticulously prepared in authentic Indian home-style, using only natural spices and ingredients. We never add preservatives or artificial colorings. As a result Flavor of India's many delectable dishes are lean, low in fat and healthy. Flavor of India's is delighted to offer you daily specials which include a chicken curry of the day, a vegetable special. Lentil of the day, and rice of the day... "Flavor of India in West Hollywood goes beyond basic, adding fusion dishes and light snacks. The dining atmosphere is al fresco in the landscaped garden patio." L.A Times

Tibet Nepal House
Indian | Pasadena
2 reviews

Serving authentic Himalayan cuisine since 2001, Tibet Nepal House uses only the finest fresh herbs and spices to prepare delicious and healthy food for our guests. A sampling of herbs and spices common to Himalayan cooking are black and white cardamom, jimbu, garlic, ginger, cumin, coriander, nutmeg, cinnamon, ajwain, star anis, timboor, chili, turmeric, saffron, sesame seed, and mustard seed. Each of these contribute to the distinctive tastes and flavors of our traditional homeland foods, carefully prepared here at Tibet Nepal House Restaurant for your dining pleasure.